Although the Biden administration advised against it, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan on Tuesday while China also warned the Democrat not to go. With President Joe Biden struggling during his time within the White House, it seems Pelosi didn’t care much for the warnings or advice. And according to the former U.S. Ambassador to China, Max Baucus, the CCP views the President as weak. 

Appearing on “The Lead” with Jake Tapper, Max Baucus admitted on CNN, “The deeper problem here really is that the visit by the speaker is really pushing America more toward recognizing [Taiwan’s] an independent country. That’s a big problem here.” He added, “Don’t forget, too, Speaker Pelosi, it’s a free pass for her. She’s not the president. She doesn’t have to worry about conducting foreign policy worldwide. She is a member of Congress. She doesn’t have to worry about it. She does a little, but not much.”

Proving that he wasn’t just criticizing President Biden, Baucus explained just why China felt this way. “Poor Joe Biden. He looks weak because he either told her not to go and it looks weak to the Chinese guys or he’s weak because he told her not to go and she went anyway. And that makes us look a little bit weak to the Chinese.”

Max Baucus concluded that the main reason for the weak viewpoint had to do with the exact opposite of weakness – strength. “I got to tell you, during the time I was serving in Beijing, one thing I really learned: Chinese understand strength better than do people in any other country, and they could smell weakness 100 miles away. We’ve got to be strong but strong in the best sense.”

As for Nancy Pelosi, during her visit, China’s defense ministry claimed they were going to launch “targeted military operations” in direct response to the House Speaker’s trip. Shi Yi, a spokesperson for the Eastern theater Command, noted, “This action is targeted at the US’s shocking recent major escalation on the Taiwan issue, and serves as a serious warning to Taiwanese independence forces or those seeking independence.

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