There isn’t a citizen in America who hasn’t felt the sting of inflation and the rise in gas prices. While the Biden administration continues to hold press conferences, claiming that the United States isn’t heading into a recession, on MSNBC, a guest and host both agreed that those who are worrying the most about inflation and gas are privileged white people. As for black people, the duo suggested that they are too busy worrying about being killed by the police while driving to work. 

The shocking revelation surrounding inflation and gas came when Zerlina Maxwell was interviewing Kurt Bardella. The Democratic advisor said, “Inflation, it’s almost a privilege to care about inflation as your number one issue, uh, the same is true of gas prices, or even the idea that it’s the economy stupid. I always found that analysis lacking, because as a black person, I don’t wanna get killed on the way to my job.”

Maxwell added, “So I’m glad I have a job, I’m glad I make a living wage, but if I can’t be alive, then what does that other stuff matter? I mean, speak to the idea that some of this stuff is existential in the minds of the Democratic base, in a way that is maybe not for the middle of the country, the so-called middle, or even more conservative-leaning voters.”

Although Maxwell didn’t expand on how black people are killed while commuting to work, Kurt Bardella noted that it had to do with police brutality. He also added global warming just to be safe. “Yeah, listen if you just lost your house because of a flood in Kentucky, if you just lost your livelihood because it burnt down in a wildfire, if you just lost your life because you’re the wrong color and you’re pulled over somewhere, inflation doesn’t really matter to you, or to your loved ones.”

Again, admitting that white people seem to be the only ones caring about inflations, Bardella continued, “There are so much broader things going on right now in this country that affects so many demographics, that the dollars to cents case that has been made time and again, like you said, it’s the economy stupid, there’s a blind spot there, and you’ll notice that the majority of people who make that statement are generally white. There’s a real reckoning going on in America right now.”

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