For years, the Democrats, liberals, and even Hollywood have warned about the dangers of climate change. Key actors like Leonardo DiCaprio have even given speeches on the importance of cutting carbon emissions to help save the planet. But while Hollywood A-Listers continue to promote climate change and call for the Democrats and Biden administration to take action to help save the planet, it appears those same celebrities are not practicing what they preach. Thanks to a sustainability marketing agency called Yard, singer Taylor Swift was outed as a top offender against climate change. 

Having her own private jet, Taylor Swift supposedly took a staggering 170 flights. And if that wasn’t bad enough, that was only in this year that isn’t over yet. According to the survey, it found that the CO2 emissions from Swift’s plane amounted to 8,293.54 tons. For those wondering, that is more than 1,000 times of the regular individual. The survey continued, adding that the private jet was in the air for a total of 22,000 minutes. That is around 16 days of flight time.  

Drawing a great deal of criticism, a spokesperson for Taylor Swift responded to the survey, suggesting that the singer’s jet was rented out. “Taylor’s jet is loaned out regularly to other individuals. To attribute most or all of these trips to her is blatantly incorrect.” But again, that doesn’t stop it from being Swift’s plane. 

Although Swift tried to explain the CO2 emissions, many critics continued to criticize her double standard. Comments included:

  • “A stark reminder that amassing that kind of wealth is ALWAYS unethical and exploitative, no matter who does it.”
  • “Listen I also like Taylor Swift’s music but no one should have a private jet. You can have a propeller plane or you can get on a commercial jet. Because frankly no one should have private jet money.”
  • “Taylor swift taking 170 private jet flights this year, where the actual f*** does she need to go that badly to fast track destroying the planet.”

The survey didn’t just target Taylor Swift, it also pointed to other celebrities like Floyd Mayweather, who had a total of 177 flights and even famous baseball star Alex Rodriguez accumulated 106 fights. 

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