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DeSantis Now Under Investigation For Sending Illegals To Sanctuary City Who Claimed To Welcome Them

With the 2022 midterms just a few weeks away, the Biden administration is desperately trying to control the Southern border crisis that continues to spiral out of control. Since Joe Biden entered the White House, he seemed to ignore the glaring problems at the border. And in just the two short years he has been in office, over 4 million migrants traveled to the border, and that number appears to be only climbing. Wanting the Biden administration to finally address the issue, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis flew 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. While the media flocked to the area, cameras in hand, it seems that some are now suggesting that DeSantis should be investigated for kidnapping migrants. And it should come as no surprise. That is exactly what is happening.

On Monday, Sheriff Javier Salazar of Bexar County, Texas, decided to open a criminal case against Governor Ron DeSantis, suggesting that the Republican illegally transported migrants to Martha’s Vineyard under false pretenses. In the video, which can be watched below, Salazar admits, “What infuriates me the most about this case is that… they have already fallen on hard times, they are here legally in our country at that point, they have every right to be where they are, and I believe that they were preyed upon.”

The Sheriff didn’t stop there, adding that Governor DeSantis preyed on the migrants for nothing more than political gain. “Somebody came from out of state, preyed upon these people, lured them with promises of a better life, which is what they absolutely were looking for… to just be exploited and hoodwinked into making this trip to Florida and on to Martha’s Vineyard for what I believe to be nothing more than political posturing to make a point.”

Although there is now an investigation targeting DeSantis, the Republican Governor isn’t letting it stop him from speaking out. After learning about the criminal investigation, DeSantis’ office released the following statement, [1] “Immigrants have been more than willing to leave Bexar County after being abandoned, homeless, and ‘left to fend for themselves.’ Florida gave them an opportunity to seek greener pastures in a sanctuary jurisdiction that offered greater resources for them, as we expected. Unless the MA national guard has abandoned these individuals, they have been provided accommodations, sustenance, clothing, and more options to succeed following their unfair enticement into the United States, unlike the 53 immigrants who died in a truck found abandoned in Bexar County this June.”

Users offered their opinions, suggesting the Sheriff start with Joe Biden before going after Ron DeSantis. “First, open an investigation into the Biden administration flying thousands of illegal border crossers to states all over the country in the middle of the night. Start with that first.”