Life is often described as being stranger than fiction, and that seems to be the case when it comes to the Chief Operating Officer for Beyond Meat, Doug Ramsey. For those who might not know, Beyond Meat is a company that prides itself in making meat patties that are made out of…plants. For some time now, companies and even billionaires like Bill Gates have poured billions into perfecting meat that tastes like meat but is entirely made up of plants. But for Ramsey, he made headlines, not for plant patties, but for apparently biting some man’s nose to the point it ripped the skin off. 

That’s right, Doug Ramsey, who is 53 years old, believed the best way to deal with an altercation was to try and eat another person’s nose. What exactly are the details? Due to it being football season, tensions are a little high, with both NCAA and the NFL having massive upsets over the last few weeks. Following the recent game between Arkansas and Missouri State, Ramsey was trying to leave the parking garage when another car bumped into his tire. Enraged, the COO leaped from his Bronco and punched through the back windshield of the car. Getting his hands on the individual, Ramsey threatened to kill him before latching onto his nose. 

With an investigation open into the altercation, Doug Ramsey faces charges of third-degree battery and terroristic threats to an individual. 

As for his time at Beyond Meat, Doug Ramsey first started in December of 2021, excited for the change after spending 30 years at Tyson Foods. He said at the time, “Beyond Meat is the gold standard in the plant-based meat industry, and I am proud to join in its mission to produce delicious products that are healthier for our customers and more sustainable for our planet. I’m thrilled to be a part of a company that is constantly innovating and delivering high-quality products to some of the world’s most prominent food service and retail customers.” 

While not all that surprising, online users flocked to the story, leaving a range of interesting comments like: 

  • If he had a little protein, he wouldn’t have been hangry
  • It appears that COO Ramsey was hankering for some real meat, and the dude’s nose just happened to be at the right place at the right time. So he took the bait!!
  • I guess all the pea protein isolates got to his brain. If only he had consumed cricket chitins and cockroach milk, this would never have happened.
  • First piece of meat he’s had in a while.

Having spent over 30 years with Tyson Foods, when Doug Ramsey left the company, they stated he was a “champion of team member safety.” 

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