While Joe Biden promoted the idea that the Democrats would control Washington, D.C. through the midterms, his dismal time in the White House has caused many to be concerned about November. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that Biden’s recent speech harped on the dangers of the GOP and the MAGA extremists who support former President Donald Trump. Once claiming he was the great unifier that America needed, Biden quickly shifted to suggesting that Trump’s influence on the GOP has led to a great deal of domestic terrorists entering their ranks. Following that same narrative, recently, Democratic pollster Fernand Amandi warned that if people don’t vote Democrat, they “may not have an opportunity to vote again in a free and fair election.”

On Saturday, Fernand Amandi appeared on The Cross Connection with Tiffany Cross to discuss why black, Asian, and Hispanic voters all need to take the 2022 midterm election seriously. More importantly, they need to vote…Democrat. He explained to Cross when asked if there will be a large turnout of voters, “Number one, we have to be mindful that the Republicans are now all in a committed effort to make voting as difficult as possible, especially if you are someone from a person of color community. So that has to be taken always in the mindset. I think, Tiffany, yes. I think we’re going to see record midterm turnout. I think it’s gonna be the equal, if not better than what we saw in 2018, which is the highest midterm turnout in the last 75 years.”

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If the Democrats are able to keep some control in the Capitol, Fernand Amandi believed it would all be because of Hispanics, blacks, and Asians. “If we’re able to capture and hold onto the Senate and maybe even hold onto the House, it’s going to be because Black voters, Hispanic voters, Asian voters, all of those voters across the spectrum of this rising majority turned out. The truth of the matter is, Tiffany if they don’t take the opportunity to vote in this election, they may not have an opportunity to vote again in a free and fair election. Those really are the stakes.”

As for the GOP, the MSNBC contributor didn’t forget to spread a little more fear surrounding the Republican party, warning they would somehow undo democracy if they were to win. Fernand Amandi even used Senator Marco Rubio as an example. “I don’t think any of us can stress enough if the Republicans capture either houses of Congress, they are committed to undoing democracy, they are committed to overturning whatever electoral result – quote unquote – doesn’t go their way in 2024. You even have people like Marco Rubio right now saying they won’t necessarily commit to accepting the results of the 2022 elections. This is what’s at stake, and this is why I think we have to focus on this issue and how these communities – according to the polls that show they’re very engaged, they’re very enthused, and they plan on voting in historic numbers mostly for Democrats – can play that difference-making role, Tiffany.”

weighs in and exposes this lunatic as a halfwit…

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This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on September 25, 2022. It originally appeared in RedVoiceMedia.com and is used by permission.

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