Newsmax is once again stirring up controversy with their expressed negative sentiments of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, with the latest instance coming from Newsmax personality Eric Bolling calling Carlson an “alleged American” during a broadcast from this week.

On the September 26th broadcast of Bolling’s show, the Newsmax host lambasted Carlson due to Russian state media apparently using various clips from Carlson’s Fox News program to frame Russia’s exploits in the ongoing conflict with Ukraine as being justified.

Bolling initially gave what he called “a disclaimer” before going on his rant attacking Carlson, saying, “before you come at me all over this, I am very worried about a world war, a nuclear World War III where nobody wins. So when I see a fellow conservative making statements that could incite a world war, a nuclear war. I have to call him out.”

Despite Bolling’s aforementioned claims, the Newsmax host provided zero evidence to affirm his assertion that Carlson’s coverage of Russia/Ukraine is somehow provoking nuclear conflict but still went on to question whether Carlson is truly an American.

“Turns out Russian state media are using clips of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to support Vladimir Putin’s war efforts in Ukraine. Look at that, right there – look at that. That’s Russian state media using Tucker Carlson, alleged American, as propaganda to make their case that Russia is the victim – not the aggressor they obviously are. And again, last Thursday, Tucker Carlson again blamed Ukraine for starting the war, although Russia invaded her. And he continues to claim…America should cut off all funds and military support to Ukraine.”

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This wouldn’t be the first time that Newsmax directly attacked Carlson with respect to his coverage of the Russia/Ukraine conflict, as Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy issued a statement to online outlet The Righting on February 25th – one day after the conflict kicked off – accusing Carlson of “siding with Putin.”

“Newsmax believes Russia has made a major transgression, and this should be condemned strongly by all people. I think we are seeing for conservatives a clarity moment where Fox News’ main host is stating categorically he is siding with Putin and Russia in support of the invasion. Newsmax supports President Biden‘s efforts to stop this invasion. If anything, we think he is not being strong enough. We believe there is a bipartisan consensus in opposition to this dangerous aggression.”

While Ruddy’s statement from February didn’t outwardly make mention of Carlson’s name, Carlson’s primetime show on Fox News is the highest-rated among the network.

Furthermore, all doubt was cast aside on who Ruddy was referring to in the statement when NBC News’ Allan Smith shared a clarifying statement from Newsmax’s information specialist Anthony Rizzo that read, “Newsmax strongly opposes Putin, his unprovoked attack on a sovereign and democratic nation, and has strongly criticized Fox News’ top host Tucker Carlson for supporting Putin and Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine.”

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on September 27, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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