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Sanctuary Cites and States Only Exist to Protect Criminals

With all the talk of the sanctuary cities [1] not wanting to take in a few handfuls of illegal aliens that have been sent to them by Republican governors, I’m wondering if everyone has forgotten why sanctuary cities exist in the first place.

They don’t exist to give shelter and aid to the illegal aliens. No, that is being done by the NGOs and churches, coordinated by the Democrat party. These third parties receive lots of $$ from their Democrat friends in the form of grants and other governmental assistance to “resettle” millions of foreign invaders.

Sanctuary cities were set up to hide illegal alien criminals from ICE and away from any kind of law enforcement to go after them for arrest or deportation.

Check out the Center for Immigration Studies [2]. They tell you exactly what’s going on. Their website lists cities, counties and states that have “laws, ordinances, regulations, resolutions, policies or other practices that obstruct immigration enforcement and shield criminals from ICE – either by refusing to or prohibiting agencies from complying with ICE detainers, imposing unreasonable conditions on detainer acceptance, denying ICE access to interview incarcerated aliens or otherwise impeding communication or information exchanges between their personnel and federal immigration officers.”

Sanctuary cities, counties and states exist to make sure illegals stay in the United States – no matter what.

But do these sanctuaries want to take care of them? No.

You saw an example of this at Martha’s Vineyard. That’s just not how things are set-up to work in Democrat America. Everything is under the cover of darkness and coordinated to benefit the Democrat party financially and through the ballot box.

Illegal alien enters the United States. Illegal alien is processed as quickly as possible. Illegal alien gets on bus or plane with a free cell phone. Illegal alien is transferred to Democrat-friendly NGO by federal government to get dispersed in the area of the country that the Democrat government chooses regardless of illness or criminal status.

That is the process. That is the sanctuary that the Democrats are offering.

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on September 21, 2022. It originally appeared in SteveGruber.com [3] and is used by permission.