To disaffected AOC supporters,

We all know that the country is dangerously divided. We also know that the country (and the
world) is drifting dangerously close to “nuclear Armageddon.” We are no longer talking about a
political argument. We are potentially talking about the continued survival of mankind. It is
imperative that a people facing a serious threat to their very existence come together, as survival
is the least common denominator.

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I write to you as an independent US citizen who served in the Air Force during the Cold War and
sticks to traditional American values. We, on the other side of the divide, are not your enemy.
Contrary to what you may have been led to believe, (and you may ask yourself why others want
you to believe that), we want all Americans to live “the good life.” It makes us sad that members
of both sides of the existing divide are unable to prosper and flourish, and it makes us even
sadder that the overall number of those who can are being diminished daily.

There are some obvious observations from the recent townhalls with AOC. First, it is obvious
that you are dissatisfied with her, and you rightfully feel betrayed. Second, she could care less
what you think or feel. She is but one member of the government, but she is not alone in her
scorn for not just you, but all of us. Recognizing that members of government can either care
about the wellbeing of its people or be totally dismissive of that wellbeing goes all the way back
to the ancient Greeks. Americans have grown up with the solid belief that our government does
look out for our best interests as a people. As she mocked your calls for her to go, AOC may
have done this country a great service by revealing how little that is the case today.

Perhaps you will vote her out of office, but you probably won’t. But she is only one part of a
larger problem. It is time that we all realize that the political class within the Beltway cares only
for themselves. We could discuss systemic ways to remedy the situation, but those in power
would ensure that none of them came to pass.

The only remedy starts with “We the people” throwing all the bums out. That includes unelected
officials as well as elected officials. The current nuclear threat is being promoted by the “military
industrial complex.” President Dwight Eisenhower warned the country of the threat it imposes,
and it is one problem upon which we should all agree. There are many other agencies that need
to be reformed, but I believe you will find support on both sides of the divide to dismantle this
dangerous complex.

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By all means, replace AOC in office, but let’s not stop there. Look at officials from your local
council to the highest offices in the national government, and ask yourself “Am I being served,
or ruled? Is this person interested in my wellbeing, or solely his/her own?” Let’s also take the
power from the unelected officials who are threatening all our lives.

Dennis Haugh

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This piece was written by on November 1, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.


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