With Obama, he dressed nice, looked good, could speak eloquently and was a person of color. Case closed.

As Biden had said about him in his very racist-like comment, Obama was, “the first mainstream African- American who is articulate and bright and clean.”

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Now, with Democratic Caucus Chair Hakeem Jeffries, he’s also a person of color so he checks the first and most important box that the Democrats need to check. He was able to be the “first” something and that’s how they roll.

Now he’s the leader of their caucus. Because of that, they are expecting good press and the ability to call anyone racist who pushes back against him.

However, their plans to put Jeffries into the spotlight were accelerated when they were GIFTED a bunch of free advertising for him last week while the votes took place for Speaker of the House.

In all, the Democrats voted for Jeffries to be Speaker of the House 3180 times.

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212 votes, 15 times. They said his name 3180 times. They stick together. Always. They operate as one hive mind.

The Democrats made speeches about how great and honorable Jeffries is for days. You can’t buy that kind of advertising. It was a freebie thanks to the Republicans. And it wasn’t just on CSPAN. He was covered on Fox News and all of the fake news media TV stations – and talked about all over the internet.

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All of that free advertising made Democrats think that because he was on TV all of the time, Jeffries would make a fine candidate for president. It didn’t take long at all.

Nut job Rob Reiner actually took a break from his non-stop hate-tweeting of Donald Trump to tweet, “Hakeem Jeffries: A Star is Born.”

BrooklynDad-Defiant, a popular leftist on Twitter with over a million followers tweeted, “Who else agrees that Hakeem Jeffries would make an excellent President of the United States one day?”

You have to wonder what qualifies Jeffries as presidential material. Is it because he lost? That’s why they seem to like Beto O’Rourke and Stacey Abrams.

And what did Jeffries DO to earn the presidential nomination last week? He showed up to work. He sat in the House chamber. He played on his phone. He stood up and down and thanked his fellow Democrats for voting for him. He voted for himself.

Or maybe it’s because he wears a nice suit and says all of the right things. He’s not exactly the great orator the Democrats try to make everyone believe he is but he’s been on TV a lot lately and that counts for a lot. He has become a political “celebrity.”

Or maybe the Democrats like him because he’s an election denier. On the floor of the House while giving his speech early Saturday morning, Jeffries said, “We believe in a country with a peaceful transfer of power.”

That’s laughable.

From the time that Donald Trump said he was running to be president, the Democrats participated in every unconstitutional, illegal, underhanded move they could come up with. They participated in an ongoing coup and finally succeeded with Biden becoming president.

The definition of “peaceful” in the Merriam-Webster online dictionary says, “untroubled by conflict, agitation or commotion.”

NOPE. The Transfer of power to Donald Trump was ANYTHING BUT peaceful.

Back to Jeffries…after Trump’s presidential election victory, Jeffries didn’t believe that Orange Man Bad was a legitimate president.

Among his many tweets, Jeffries said, “They should investigate his (Trump) so-called victory” and he tweeted to Trump, “The real hoax is likely your so-called election victory.”

Jeffries IS the perfect Democrat candidate though. He got right to work during his speech calling us names in his “A-Z” speech where he alphabetized his hate for his political rivals and called us all bigots.

Not just bigots though… he went through the list…he said we were autocrats, bigots, a cult, demagogues, extremists, fascists. gas lighters, haters, isolationists, judicial overreach-ers, kangaroo court participants (right – I think they need to take a look in the mirror at their Jan. 6th committee), limiters, Mara-lago-ers, we are negative, obstructionists, political, QAnon, racists, slanderers, tyrannical, ugly, voting suppressionists, well-connected, xenophobic…

A lovely list – all carefully alphabetized for us.

And the media, for what I have seen, hasn’t said a word about all of the disgusting name-calling coming from Jeffries. No, they have called a “great” speech alphabetized for all to see. It’s wonderful.

So, for the Democrats, calling us deplorable or MAGA-EXTREMISTS isn’t good enough anymore it seems.

After Jeffries’ speech, Charlie Kirk tweeted, “Hakeem Jeffries sure if making a great case as to why Democrats should never be in power again.”

Amen to that.

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on January 9, 2023. It originally appeared in SteveGruber.com and is used by permission.

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