Back in the fall of 2021, I wrote three foundational articles that are a part of my full catalog of COVID-19 articles in excess of 350 that I began to publish on 09 Feb 20. These three articles, in particular, underpin absolutely critical aspects of COVID-19 as a construct of enterprise fraud. For those familiar with my work, you know that fraud is my specialty and that I recognized the fraudulent aspects of COVID immediately, becoming essentially the first person to approach it from this angle. Most of those endeavoring down a similar course have backgrounds in medicine, not fraud.


My lens was different and that alternative perspective led to the truth exponentially faster than anyone else. As I often say, it’s not what you’re looking at rather, it’s how you’re looking at it.

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In so doing, I leveraged the paralleling work from the medical professionals to expand my own understanding of COVID-19, virology, and epidemiology. This approach permitted me to unravel COVID beginning in early January into February of 2020 at a time no one else was. In fact, the work was so ahead of the curve that I was entirely shut down trying to share it on social media and otherwise. This occurred to the effect that the work was largely ignored because no one saw it or if they did, they branded it as a “conspiracy theory,” “crazy,” or otherwise.

As soon as the first infection and mortality data arrived in early 2020, I had something into which I could sink my teeth. It told me without a single grain of doubt that my intuition and existing work were entirely on the mark. Before further developing and polishing my skills as an independent researcher and journalist, this is the very first data graphic I posted, and if you understand this, the rest of it is granular backfill of the details. I present here next to 2020 election data because when fraud plots on paper it looks the same and doesn’t care about context, whether it be a “pandemic,” an “election,” or something else.

When we see an inverse reciprocal relationship, as we do above, we recognize it as a hallmark indicator of fraud. In other words, when something [flu-pneumo] that seasonally appears at the same basic time and rate every single year [flu-pneumo season] anomalously disappears at the exact same time and rate that something new but different appears out of nowhere [SARS-CoV-2 infection bears all of the same symptoms as a flu/pneumo infection] – that data tells us everything we need to know.

This is another of the very first COVID illustrations I made depicting the overlap of COVID-19 and flu/pneumo symptoms representing an apples:apples construct:

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This very short video [1:02] I made does an excellent job of representing the concept regionally across the U.S. for 2020-2021:

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The balance of the COVID-19 catalog exceeding 350 articles, fully substantiates the early work while expanding it in broad and deep ways that are entirely exclusive. Further substantiation was found when I was asked to join the team of Oregon State Senators Kim Thatcher and Dennis Linthicum, as led by Dr. Henry Ealy, relative to our federal grand jury petition filed in the Ninth Circuit in early winter 2021. What did that federal grand jury petition charge? That COVID-19 was a construct of enterprise fraud. Our efforts fighting for America and Americans continue through to the present and the foreseeable future.

Once I had empirical data to evidence my investigative work that was served well by intuition and my professional background investigating fraud, I began making the case. This included applying terminology relative to enterprise fraud, and so the theft of flu/pneumo to fraudulently propagate as COVID-19 data was given a conceptual name: “comorbidity harvesting.” It entailed stealing comorbidity data from “data reservoirs” primarily comprised of flu, pneumonia, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity to propagate as COVID-19 infection and mortality data. The well-evidenced concept is represented in this graphic illustration, which can be viewed below my comprehensive COVID-19 timeline in line with a wide slate of other explanatory illustrations:

Here are a few additional graphic illustrations to help bring the full picture together before we move on with the details:

Once analysis of the COVID data-informed me of WHAT they were doing, I then had to determine HOW they were doing it. That investigation and analysis is featured in the top-left corner in the first graphic illustration above entitled COMORBIDITY HARVESTING.


There were three primary mechanisms being fraudulently leveraged to harvest comorbidity data for the purpose of creating a “pandemic” out of thin air when otherwise, 2020 into 2021 was nothing more than a routine seasonal flu/pneumo year. In that graphic, they are labeled as “1A,” “1B,” and “1C”: 1-CMS Data & Coding, 2-NVSS Memos and 3-PCR Test.

Consider this, which is also from the early 2020 COVID investigation and analysis:

Based upon historical flu/pneumo data and the undoing of deliberately skewed data points, 2020 was a middle-of-the-road flu/pneumo year, and COVID-19 was whipped up out of thin air with stolen comorbidity data.

The Moonshine website is loaded to the gills with similar graphic illustrations depicting data analysis, and they are distributed within the articles in the complete COVID catalog.

All of COVID-19 was and continues to be ENTERPRISE FRAUD. That was at least until COVID-19 went down the path of biowarfare by means of the mRNA injections that don’t qualify as a “vaccine” by any standard, legal, patent, or medical definition for a “vaccine;” at least until they changed the definition of “vaccine” to accommodate mRNA technology [one two recent articles shine more light on this].

Moving forward, remember that DATA is the central node for creating a “pandemic” out of thin air, and so we focus on the HOW of that evidenced concept.

The three primary comorbidity harvesting mechanisms were and continue to be absolutely critical to the HOW of the COVID-19 enterprise fraud construct. Here’s HOW they work, leaving further details for you to dig out of the Moonshine catalog:

1-PCR Test: The RT-PCR test is a misapplied diagnostic tool never intended for its application to COVID-19. It relies upon calibrating cycle thresholds as a measure of viral load such that the RT-PCR test can be hacked and manipulated to produce an intended result.

By manipulating the RT-PCR test cycle threshold calibration to anomalously high levels of around 35-45, the RT-PCR test will produce a very specific net effect: an abundance of false positive resultsThis is how they whipped up a “pandemic” out of thin air with the ability to turn it on and off like a light switch.

In fact and months in advance, I projected exactly this relative to Biden’s inauguration, and that’s exactly what happened, as evidenced by the arrival of the empirical data proving it in March 2021.

It was as easy as understanding that what little campaigning Biden did do rested on him hammering President Trump with the political construct of COVID-19 and so they couldn’t let COVID hamstring Biden right out of the gate. So, they temporarily “turned off” the “pandemic.” It was an easy projection, and it was laser-accurate.

Around mid-April 2020 and at a time when actual mortality was in decline – you can’t have a “pandemic” without dead people, and you certainly can’t have one if dead people are in decline – something critical occurred: they moved away from the benchmark and gold standard pandemic measurement of mortality to “new cases.”

COVID-19 is a “pandemic” of “new cases.” “New cases” were generated by a misapplied and manipulated RT-PCR test.

By mid-April 2020, they faced two significant problems without cooked-up data: 1-the “unskewed” data put us in the middle-of-the-road flu/pneumo season at the same time 2-the gold standard for pandemics in mortality data was in decline.

This is another of the very first COVID illustrations I made depicting the direct correlation between increased RT-PCR testing and COVID “new cases” relative to the clear decline in mortality in mid-April 2020.

The more you look for something, the more you find it. That’s how the highly publicized drive for expansive RT-PCR tests delivered a “pandemic” of “new cases.” It’s all fraudulent to its core.

2-The NVSS Diagnostic Memos: The National Vital Statistics System is the U.S. federal entity and CDC subsidiary that provides diagnostic guidance to medical providers. According to the NVSS [emphasis added]:

The National Vital Statistics System is the oldest and most successful example of inter-governmental data sharing in Public Health and the shared relationships, standards, and procedures form the mechanism by which NCHS collects and disseminates the Nation’s official vital statistics. These data are provided through contracts between NCHS and vital registration systems operated in the various jurisdictions legally responsible for the registration of vital events – births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and fetal deaths. Vital Statistics data are also available online. In the United States, legal authority for the registration of these events resides individually with the 50 States, 2 cities (Washington, DC, and New York City), and 5 territories (Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands). These jurisdictions are responsible for maintaining registries of vital events and for issuing copies of birth, marriage, divorce, and death certificates. – NVSS

Note how the NVSS operates contractually with “jurisdictions” that have purview over medical providers. We observe similar contractual relationships between the Department of Defense and vaccine manufacturers relative to the mRNA injections, as evidenced in the two biowarfare articles linked above.

Contracts are important because they tie to money and funding. Money and funding are important because they equate to financial leverage: “do it this way or don’t get paid.” When a person or entity is leveraged by fraudulent data to take action in a certain way or not receive payment for failure to act, we have enterprise fraud.

From the same, we note how the NVSS becomes an interface to leverage medical statistics and data to desired ends remembering that an actual “pandemic” never existed; it was merely a “pandemic” of fraudulent data. It’s also notable how the statistics systems have been converted to a digital format, much like elections were, and currency will be; thus permitting easy manipulation of them [emphasis added]:

CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics is working with State partners represented by the National Association of Public Health Statistics and Information Systems and the Social Security Administration to fundamentally re-engineer the processes through which vital statistics are produced in the U.S., including implementation of the 2003 revised certificates. The primary objective is to improve the timeliness, quality, and sustainability of the decentralized vital statistics system, along with collection of the revised and new content of the 2003 certificates, by adopting technologically sophisticated yet cost-effective model IT systems based on nationally developed standards and models. Information on the re-engineering activities and technical documents are available at the NAPHSIS web site, as well as at the NCHS certificate revision web site. – NVSS

The NVSS provides important linkage to ICD-10 Coding, and it’s the coding that we’re centered on in this article [emphasis added]:

Data pertaining to causes of death are classified and coded according to the International Classification of Diseases (ICD). This system is revised about every 10 years. The United States implemented the latest (tenth) revision of the ICD (ICD-10) starting with mortality data for 1999. Implementing a new revision of this system helps the national mortality system stay abreast of advances in medical science and terminology. This implementation, however, may introduce changes to mortality trend data for certain causes of death. This may be due to changes in the classification of medical conditions or in the rules that determine selection of the underlying cause of death. In order to estimate the effect of these changes on cause-specific mortality data, NCHS has performed a study of the comparability (also called a bridge-coding study) between ICD-9 and ICD-10, based on the 1996 public use multiple cause-of-death data file. This study produced a double-coded file, using both the ICD-9 and ICD-10 classification systems (ICD-9/ICD-10 Comparability File [PDF – 374 KB]), which is now available as a public-use file.

In short and upon examination of the actual NVSS diagnostic and coding guidance [HOW to code COVID-19 infection and mortality as compared to competing diagnoses like flu and pneumonia], two things are critical to understanding: 1-the NVSS guidance literally steers the diagnoses to COVID-19 over competing comorbidities at the same time 2-federal funding incentivizes COVID-19 diagnoses as it does with the administration of Remdisivir and the application of ventilators to patients. This is where contracts and hospital administrators bear down with significant force relative to fraud and a manufactured “pandemic.”

3-CMS Data & Coding: CMS is the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and the ICD-10 Coding Manual is the mechanism to code diagnoses for patients covered by Medicare and Medicaid meaning that the aggregate of these patients and their illnesses are two things: 1-subject to federal oversight and control ergo data manipulation and 2-a substantial data pool or “data harvesting reservoir” to fraudulently propagate COVID-19 data.

Relative to ICD-10 Coding Manual and CMS participating physicians, we see further evidence of financial incentivizing relative to COVID-19, clinical trials, and use of “biological products,”

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is encouraging the many clinicians, including physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, and others, who participate in the Quality Payment Program (QPP) to contribute to scientific research and evidence through clinical trials to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Clinicians who participate in a clinical trial and report their findings to a clinical data repository or registry may now earn credit in the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) for the 2020 Performance Period by attesting to the new COVID-19 Clinical Trials improvement activity.

MIPS is comprised of four performance categories that contribute to a clinician’s overall final score each year. The MIPS Improvement Activities performance category is worth 15 percent of the overall MIPS final score and assesses a clinician’s ability to improve clinical practice or care delivery, which likely results in improved outcomes. Many improvement activities are designed to enhance patient engagement, increase access to care, and strengthen outcomes. To receive credit for the new COVID-19 Clinical Trials (IA_ERP_3) improvement activity, clinicians must attest to participation in a COVID-19 clinical trial utilizing a drug or biological product to treat a patient with a COVID-19 infection and report their findings through a clinical data repository or clinical data registry for the duration of their study.


Additionally, clinicians reporting their COVID-19 related patient data to a clinical data repository, such as Oracle’s COVID-19 Therapeutic Learning System, could also attest to this improvement activity. Oracle has developed and donated a system to the U.S. government that allows clinicians and patients at no cost to record the effectiveness of promising COVID-19 drug therapies. Encouraging clinicians to use an open source data collection tool will bring the results of their research to the forefront of healthcare much faster, leading to improvements in care delivery and most importantly the health of COVID-19 patients. – CMS

Our focus narrows to the ICD-10 Coding Manual and the three foundational articles I wrote in the fall of 2021. Those articles are left for your independent consumption except where expanded on here:

1-The Obamacare Bedrock of the Fraudulent COVID Pandemic: The ACA lays a bedrock of healthcare law to serve the COVID-19 enterprise fraud construct as rooted in healthcare and epidemiology. The Affordable Care Act [ACA] or Obamacare entails discretionary funding at the sole discretion of appointed secretaries and directors; and as appropriated by congress. It also presents as a federal funding mechanism to build the pandemic construct over a long timeline while overlapping in the same redundant locations found in the full body of work here at Moonshine. It also ties it all together with money through the wide lens of fraud.

Our ACA lenses are federal funding, federal grant money, recipients thereof, “surveillance,” the 37 entities that provide the bulk COVID data that factor into the CDC/NIH/NIAID pandemic guidelines and the ACA, and all collectively viewed through our primary fraud lens.

In the ACA, we understand that Obama sought to “fundamentally change” [transform] healthcare and thus America when he entered office in January 2009. In order to do that within a fraudulent construct, sole discretion to award funding, grants, and financial incentives is framed under fraudulent pretenses. In the ACA, we have both and noting how “TRANSFORMATION GRANTS” applies to another foundational position stating that federalism serves as the enforcement mechanism for the construct. It plays out as awarding competitive grants with sole discretion and whereby “State and local government agencies and community-based organizations” [federalism] receive the funds for the “implementation” of the transformation.

From extracts of the ACA featured in the substantial and highly granular article, we note foundational aspects relative to COVID-19 as a construct of enterprise in the domains of transforming healthcare, grants and funding, “pandemics,” diagnostics and vaccines, global health initiatives and pandemic response and the public:private interface. These are all old and recurring throughout the entire body of Moonshine’s work.

This is just a glimpse of the bedrock foundation provided by the ACA. For full comprehension, read the article.

2-It All Starts With a Code…: “It all starts with a code.” Those are the first five words atop the World Health Organization’s page delineating the ICD-10 and Emergency use ICD codes for the COVID-19 disease outbreak.

This article provides a granular examination of how the ICD-10, as applied to the diagnostic guidance issued by the US National Vital Statistics System and provided to medical providers; and the mechanism of coding, are permitting China to steer internal U.S. COVID-19 data formulation and curation to desired ends that have been and continue to be disastrous for America and basic freedoms.

The examination encompasses excess mortality, cause of death, death certificates, and a 5-8 week window of rolling data that receives back-end revision after it is fraudulently used to propagate unrelated deaths such as COVID-19 deaths.

Respective to coding, U07.1 is used relative to death certificates, cause of death, and provisional death counts. ICD-10 Code U07.1 derives from the WHO. It’s the emergency coding system established by the WHO that permits fraudulent data manipulation by means of death certificate issuance and provisional death counts that create massive portals for enterprise fraud in the 5-8 week rolling window.

The examination involves how the coding data includes ICD-10 Codes U07.1 and J09-18.9. These illustrations from the article demonstrate how the ICD-10coding enmeshes flu and pneumonia [J09-18.9] as competing diagnoses relative to COVID and our discussion of them above:

The article continues on with similar graphic illustrations relative to the cause of death and the issuance of death certificates that permit China to steer internal U.S. mortality data via CDC, NVSS, and WHO. Consume the article for the full details.

3-It All Starts With a Code: Part 2 – The ICDM-10 Coding Manual Mapped for COVID-19: The second part of the analysis on the ICD-10 Coding Manual entails a breakdown of the entire manual and presentation of it in an annotated form identifying the exact portals for the commission of fraud. The exhibits depict the ICD-10-CM as a data driving lane established by the WHO/Tedros [directly] and China [indirectly via Tedros (installed by secret electronic vote in 2017)] to impact internal U.S. COVID-19 data and thus effectuate control over the direction of the nation and its policies respective to the pandemic.

These are the four identifiable coding details depicting their fit and service to one another:

These are general descriptions in “does this” form to delineate each of the 4 details, their fit, and service to the enterprise fraud construct.

This is Coding Detail 1 in macro form with a detailed micro diagram following. They depict the coding design vulnerabilities that are generally being exploited:

This is Coding Detail 2:

These are the Principal Diagnosis design vulnerabilities being exploited:

This is the Z Coding Detail representing a sub-system and back door coding mechanism being exploited:

This is the Sequencing of Codes Detail noting the functionality of establishing and leveraging a hierarchy of sequenced codes to determine the Primary Diagnosis. Sequencing is important because it provides multiple services to the other details.

Pages 28-29 of the ICD-10-CM:

Pages 30-31 of the ICD-10-CM:

Pages 32-33 of the ICD-10-CM:

You’ll not find a more arduously and thoroughly evidenced exhibit veritably demonstrating how the Obamacare foundation permitted the exploitation of the ICD-10 Coding Manual to create a “pandemic” out of thin air than the work I have done here.


Now with a complete and granular understanding of the ICD-10 and the coding mechanism it provides, new ICD-10 codes become entirely problematic to the COVID-19 construct of enterprise fraud.

In January 2021, the following ICD-10 codes were issued by the CDC, and they include those in my work in fall 2021.

Z20.822 Contact with and (suspected) exposure to COVID-19

  • For asymptomatic individuals with actual or suspected exposure to COVID-19, assign code Z20.822. For symptomatic individuals with actual or suspected exposure to COVID-19 and the infection has been ruled out, or test results are inconclusive or unknown, assign code Z20.822.
  • If a patient with signs/symptoms associated with COVID-19 also has an actual or suspected contact with or exposure to COVID-19, assign Z20.822 as an additional code.

Z11.52 Encounter for screening for COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a screening code generally is not appropriate. Do not assign code Z11.52. For encounters for COVID-19 testing, including preoperative testing, code as exposure to COVID-19. Coding guidance will be updated as new information concerning changes in the pandemic status becomes available.

Z86.16 Personal history of COVID-19

For patients with a history of COVID-19, assign code Z86.16.

M35.81 Multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS)

  • For individuals with MIS and COVID-19, assign code U07.1, COVID-19, as the principal/first-listed diagnosis and assign code M35.81 as an additional diagnosis.
  • If MIS develops as a result of a previous COVID-19 infection, assign codes M35.81 and B94.8, Sequelae of other specified infectious and parasitic diseases.
  • If an individual with a history of COVID-19 develops MIS and the provider does not indicate that MIS is due to the previous COVID-19 infection, assign codes M35.81 and Z86.16.
  • If an individual with a known or suspected exposure to COVID-19 and no current COVID-19 infection or history of COVID-19 develops MIS, assign codes M35.81 and Z20.822.
  • Assign additional codes for any associated complications of MIS.

M35.89 Other specified systemic involvement of connective tissue 

No guidance was created as this code had to be developed to stay within the coding conventions of an “other” code under M35.8-.

J12.82 Pneumonia due to coronavirus disease 2019 

For a patient with pneumonia confirmed as due to COVID-19, assign codes U07.1 and J12.82.

Be sure to update your ICD-10-CM codes and guidance for use of the new codes. – American Academy of Pediatrics sourced from the CDC

Effective 01 Apr 22, the CDC issued additional ICD-10 codes relative to COVID-19:

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) is implementing three new diagnosis codes into the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM) for reporting COVID-19 vaccination status, effective April 1, 2022. – NC Medicaid Division of Health Benefits

The problematic nature of the new ICD-10 codes is found in ICD-10 code Z28.310, “may be assigned when the patient has not received at least one dose of any COVID-19 vaccine.” [Source]

In reporting from that included an interview with a doctor seeing the data results of the new ICD-10 code presenting for the first time, the ability to target the unvaccinated for further coercion and mandates is examined.

Specifically, the interviewed physician indicated how the application of Z28.310 was further tied to the unvaccinated patient’s paralleling and preexisting diagnosis of schizophrenia and where schizophrenia was indicated as the reason for the patient not being vaccinated.

This is dangerous because it opens a two-way portal. Rather than a mental illness presenting as the diagnostic reason for unvaccinated status, it could be argued that a corrupt and criminal federal apparatus could leverage a patient’s unvaccinated status to provide a diagnosis as mentally ill. Now, compound that with the ongoing movement towards “red flag” laws relative to the Second Amendment and mental health. Nefarious.

Think that’s crazy? It’s not. The pretext is already out there:

  1. Troubles Ahead for the Unvaccinated
  2. It is only a matter of time before we turn on the unvaccinated
  3. The Case for Mandatory Vaccination and Mental Health Treatment
  4. REPORT: Canadian Doctor Says College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Suggests Unvaccinated Patients are Mentally Ill and Should be Put on Psychiatric Medication [Video]
  5. To Get the Unvaccinated Vaccinated

Read more about the physician’s interview in the article.


As I began evidencing in January 2020, the entire COVID-19 “pandemic” is a construct of enterprise fraud.

The ICD-10 Coding Manual and the mechanism of medical coding is one of three primary means to harvest infection and mortality data from comorbidity data harvesting reservoirs to propagate as COVID-19 data.

Now, the ICD-10 coding mechanism has been further weaponized to target the unvaccinated in obviously nefarious ways.

The Chinese-owned and controlled WHO said it first: “It all starts with a code.”

If the American people don’t wise up, wake up, and begin to fight back in meaningful ways, I’ll be the first to tell you that “It all ends with a code.”


This piece was written by Political Moonshine on January 19, 2023. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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