Just the News came out with a bombshell report the other day to warn us that we might have another “Lois Lerner 2.0” on our hands. And that wouldn’t be surprising to anyone who saw the overall corruption that went on within the Obama administration and has continued into the Biden-Harris administration which is effectively a continuation of the Obama administration.

Back during the Obama years, the IRS, under the direction of Lois Lerner, targeted conservative non-profit organizations beginning in 2010 to keep them out of the business of electing Republicans and spreading their conservative messages. They did this by delaying their tax-exempt applications and doing audits and putting them under endless scrutiny. The Democrats were able to quash applications for the tax-exempt status of their political enemies and those groups were unable to appeal.

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Their evil ways were exposed in 2013 and it was the beginning of us finding out about the shenanigans that the Democrats were up to in order to cheat to win elections.

The Obama administration pretended that the Lois Lerner thing was a big surprise and said it was not acceptable – but there were no consequences for what was done. Lerner invoked her fifth amendment rights so she didn’t have to testify before Congress and even though she was cited for contempt, Obama’s Justice Department didn’t pursue any criminal charges. Of course not. She was a warrior in their battle against the Republicans. You don’t go after your allies.

So taking all that into consideration, it also shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the IRS is up to their old tricks. Just the News reported that the nonprofit Adams, Baldwin and Covey Foundation Inc (ABC) has been targeted by the Biden IRS.

ABC is a nonprofit out of Florida and is an election integrity group so it’s clear to see why the Democrats don’t want them around.

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Phill Kline, the founder of the organization, says that the IRS has been interrogating his foundation with questions that the group believes infringes on their speech rights under the First Amendment. He says the IRS questions are “further evidence that the Biden administration believes it has the authority to license thought and speech and it doesn’t.” He also said, “The thought police have found a home in the Biden administration.”

Some of the questions that were demanded to be answered (under the penalty of perjury) include ones that weed out a group’s stand on issues that the Democrats don’t like – and ferreting out what the Democrats feel to be “disinformation.” Those questions include…

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The IRS also asked for resumes of relevant personnel.

The ABC organization was, of course, has been denied their tax-exempt status.

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on February 17, 2023. It originally appeared in SteveGruber.com and is used by permission.


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