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GOP Beat Down In Elections | What Do Multiple Wars Mean for the So-called Global Elite? | Ep 649

Joe Biden got lost leaving a stage again resulting in the video feed getting cut off and the Republican party and the conservative movement as a whole had a bad night in elections across the country. There were some bright spots, but on the whole with some losses in key races and the issue of abortion in Ohio things seem to be looking grim in 2024. Rashida Tlaib was censured in the House after fellow Hamas Caucus members Ilhan Omar and Cori Bush made outlandish pleas with their colleagues not to, Plus, with all this war what does it mean for the so-called global elites? Is it all part of the plan? And what does the end result look like for everyday Americans? Host of Reality Rants, Jason Bermas joins the show to discuss where things are going and more.

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