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Joe Biden Says Vaccine Mandates Shouldn’t Divide Us | Psaki Doubles Down | Booze & Banter | Ep 272

While struggling through multiple speeches this week, Joe Biden committed multiple gaffes, then said that vaccines should not divide us, i.e. just do what I tell you. Plus, Jen Psaki is carrying her weight pushing the message, but apparently she has not read the constitution. Finally, it's Booze & Banter Friday so Drew takes questions and comments live.

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dotsie totsie
1 month ago

Of course it divides the country. He wants an Authoritarian administration to lord it over the masses, while the masses want to live by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This idiot is already taking away out right to free speech, he already is taking away our right to bear arms etc, etc. There really are no more democrats, they are now radical liberals and communists insisting on making this great Country of ours into a third world nation. Stand up in 2022 and 2024 and tell them NO MORE! We don’t don’t need 50 different mandates. Stop giving the lazy ones a free ride, tell them to get off their butts and go to work, we the people are the ones whose money this administration is taking and giving it to all the lazy people out their who don’t want to work. This is a sign of communism.

Mr. Thomas Pratt
1 month ago

Guess What Joe? You and the rest of the World leaders have been creating massive division in our perspective countries for the last two years.

You have supported Black lives matters, a phony human rights group that uses violence and terror to destroy America and Canada.

You have supported forced vaccines and created a two tier society.

You have defunded the police.

You have supported the teaching of political correct ideology within our schools. You have supported Pedophile story time along with transgenderism and encouraged it with children as young as 5 years of age.

YOu have criminalized any parent who protests this by calling them domestic terrorist, meanwhile supporting the Taliban and murdering innocent veterans and intentionally botching the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Thus if our countries and all its people are divided it is because of the real terrorists, like people such as yourself.

Thomas Pratt