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Kamala Gets Feisty During Today Show Appearance | Ep 322

Joe Biden gets angry after a reporter asked him about Ukraine and feisty showed her unlikable self in a Today Show interview that quickly went off the rails while discussing Putin and a potential war in Ukraine. Plus, MSNBC says children belong to the community, not parents and a new TSA policy will enrage you. Finally, Drew takes questions in an extended session of Booze & Banter to wrap the week.

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Mollie Fowler
3 months ago


Amelie Howe
3 months ago


Dennis Homolka
3 months ago

Biden is making it easier and easier for the republicans to take back the house & senate and trump to take back the white house in 2024. Thank you Joe, your screeners are failing you, and the foot you keep putting in your mouth is getting bigger daily, cant imagine what it would look like if you did daily or even weekly press conferences! But you couldnt schedule in a daily press conference unless they did it from your basement, who would babysit your dog during the workday! especially as poorly as he is trained!

3 months ago

Is anyone else bothered by the overused language “let me be clear” or “we’ve been very clear on this issue already” when, in fact, this administration is ANYTHING but clear? Their dialogue is so vague and ambiguous no one really knows what they are ACTUALLY saying. What is meant by “aggressive actions” or “severe actions” or “we have discussed this with Putin and/or our NATO allies”? What was said? Any consensus reached? I am still wondering what they are intending to do, in fact, I have more questions than ever after listening to Biden’s backup press secretary (Harris) dodge direct questions with candid answers. What I think is this: Biden is trying to wag the dog again by insinuating Putin is threatening the US and he hints that we should be prepared for military actions. Do you think Biden is gonna piss off Putin to the point that he’ll stop selling us Russian gas/oil and we’ll end up paying even more at the pump (and that means every retail product will increase in price! More inflation coming…just wait.