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Here Comes COVID Again, World Leaders Warn It’s Not Over…Must Be Elections Coming | Ep 396

Just days ago Joe Biden said inflation was a strength, now he says it is bad and that it needs to be fixed, our politicians failed us on the Ukraine aid package, but the Senate with the help of Joe Manchin blocked a bill which would had codified abortion in America and left is flipping out. Plus, world leaders are warning that the pandemic is not over, which should make you wonder if a push is coming back for the midterm elections. Finally, which senators are most vulnerable and did scientists find Atlantis?

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Marc Delaney
1 year ago

Look I know the western world , intelligence wise has taken a steep nosedive recently , but if anybody and I mean ANYBODY believes it this time round , then we are doomed to be now in planets last few decades , NOT because if climate change , but morals and free thinking , plus all next generation being feminist etc campaigners and believing anything ,slightly to the left of Karl Marx , no matter how far fetched .