The same young lady and cohorts who smeared black paint over bright yellow words “Black Lives Matter” painted by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and company in front of Trump Tower in Manhattan, just did the same smear campaign at the identical large yellow-painted “Black Lives Matter” mural on a Brooklyn street.

The following video (recorded by Beatty and her crew) captures the late-night crusade to spread two distinct things: 1) the message that BLM is a lie and, 2) gallons of black paint.

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Armed with paint rollers and a boisterous message for anyone who is present and/or oppositional (as was rather immediately the case in their footage), Miss Beatty exclaimed, “Jesus matters. We’re taking our country back! And let me tell you something: the police need our help. They can’t stand alone. Don’t just sit by idly and watch your country go to the ground. Stand with your police force.”

Beatty reached farther, bellowing “Vote for Trump! Vote Republican!” she said as her eyes gleamed with intensity and her finger speared the night air…virtually punctuating her point. Beatty continued with, “Vote for Christians, and stand up for Christians.”

It was then that she and her cohorts set out to off-load what appeared to be a dozen or so gallons of paint along with a batch of paint rollers. Down the street they walked, unimpeded…until other pedestrians observed the BLM mural defacement. It got ugly, with a few instances of assault and battery transpiring from an irate crowd which happened upon the anti-BLM Beatty crew. Warning—The following video contains foul language and graphic imagery:

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As of this writing, Beatty and company were not arrested for the Brooklyn BLM smear. It was similar story with a different outcome resulting in a slippery two-step with NYPD cops after they were in Manhattan splotching and spreading black paint on “Black Lives Matter” in the shadow of Trump Tower on famed Fifth Avenue.