Generally speaking, rational people are able to make determinations about individuals, businesses, churches and so forth and then either support them, or turn their head and go a separate direction if something rubs them the wrong way.

For example, you don’t have to watch films that have overly political actors who get under your skin with their comments off camera.

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You don’t have to eat a restaurants that wade into political conversations.

For instance, we had one here locally that was found spitting in food that was to be served to law enforcement officers.  People who were ardent in their support of police simply chose to forgo the local hotspot and give someone else an opportunity to win their business.

So when stories, like what I am about to tell you happen, I am always blown away by the childish behavior that we see in our nation’s adults.

When do you think the country should re-open and get back to work?

An easily offended woman went to pick up pizzas at Patio Pizza in St. James, New York (Long Island) last week and was quickly triggered by a Trump 2020 flag hanging on the establishment.

The owner, Guy Caligiuri, later spoke to the press about her actions after the incident.  He described her behavior and stated that she threatened to “cancel” Patio Pizza for their support of President Trump.

“She didn’t like it. She said you just lost a customer and I’m an administrator of a social mom’s local page and I’m going to post this on and I’m going to put you out of business,” Caligiuri told News12 Long Island.

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How these people simply cannot tolerate opposing views and values is still beyond me, but nothing is more enraging than the new national phenomena of “cancel culture.”

Again, just go to another pizza place if you are so offended, but trying to “put a place out of business” and ruin people’s livelihood for having different views is reprehensible.

But this is 2020, so she lived up to her angry promise and posted derogatory comments about the restaurant and Caligiuri online, calling for a boycott.

However, while businesses frequently cave or do face steep consequences from the online hate, this story went a different direction.

After seeing the calls for a boycott and the reasoning behind it, Patio Pizza was flooded with patriotic, Trump supporting customers who overwhelmed the business with support.

President Trump even tweeted out to support the restaurant, saying “Support Patio Pizza and its wonderful owner, Guy Caligiuri, in St. James, Long Island (N.Y.). Great Pizza!!! @Varenyco”


It’s great to see this angry mob be shut down every once in awhile and see good Americans survive the calls for their demise, simply because they support a different candidate or set of values.

You lost this time Karen. Let’s keep up the support for Patio Pizza and other victims of this online shaming.