Earlier this week we reported on an angry woman in Walmart who couldn’t handle a mother and her children not wearing a mask. And rather than keep her space and mind her own business, she stormed up to them and confronted them. After breaking the social distance barrier and berating them for having their own views, she told them “I hope you die.”

Sadly, the pandemic continues to bring out the worst in people, which is exactly what happened at a Staples in New Jersey.

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As reported by the New York Post, an angry shopper threw another woman (who was using a cane) to the ground after telling her to social distance since she was not wearing her mask properly.

The incident occurred in Hackensack, NJ and the woman who was assaulted apparently suffered a broken leg.

Police officers that responded to the altercation said that the female who confronted the woman asked her to either put her mask on properly or distance herself further.

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The request was made because the shopper felt as though the woman’s mask was not covering her nose properly.

Upon being confronted, the woman raised her cane to point back at the aggressive shopper, who had been repeatedly pointing her finger at the woman—who was simply using a copy machine.

You can see surveillance footage of the incident here:

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It’s remarkable that people are so angry and behaving this way, but also that no one comes to her immediate aid after the footage, nor do they seek out the assailant and confront her.