The peaceful protesters, as Barack Obama, Jerry Nadler and the entire mainstream media continue to call them, continued their assault on Portland and its police officers last night.

While we have seen fires set ablaze, projectiles, fireworks and other homemade explosives thrown at officers, and high-powered lasers used in attempt to blind officers (it appears they may have succeeded in doing so with three DHS agents), Friday the anarchists threw rocks and chunks of concrete at Portland Police.

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The Antifa temper tantrum came after local authorities called their actions to be an unlawful assembly.  After repeatedly asking the crowd to disperse, the Portland Police Bureau and law enforcement officials began to scatter the crowd and make arrests.  They released this statement regarding the evening’s events:

At 10:05 p.m., certain members of the group began taking concrete pieces off of a retaining wall nearby the Kelly Building. These people then smashed the concrete on the ground into smaller pieces which were thrown at officers. Certain people in the crowd shined lasers at officers, which can cause permanent eye damage. Several public address announcements were made regarding this criminal behavior, however it continued for a couple more hours.

As the crowd continued to refuse to disperse from the area of the Kelly Building, targeted arrests were made. A person who was taken into custody was arrested wearing ballistic body armor (photo). Around 12 a.m., a vehicle was stopped and an occupant was arrested for shining a laser at the PPB’s air unit.

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They later released an updated statement, which read:

At 12:10 a.m., individuals in the crowd gathered outside of the Kelly Building began throwing or launching frozen or hardboiled eggs, rocks, and commercial grade fireworks at officers positioned in the parking lot. This ongoing criminal activity created an extremely dangerous situation.

Public address announcements were continually made directing the group to disperse to the east. At 1 a.m., both Oregon State Police and PPB officers began dispersing the crowd to the east.

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This is when the unruly kids began pouring into neighborhoods as we reported in an earlier story.

Conservative journalist and blogger Andy Ngo had information, as usual, on the mayhem in Portland. He tweeted out the below pictures and said the following:

“Overnight on 7–8 Aug., hundreds of #antifa again attacked the Penumbra Kelly police building in SE Portland. They blinded officers w/lasers & threw rocks & explosives at them. They lined the street w/nails & brawled w/cops using shields & body armor.”

The aforementioned violence has been ongoing in Portland and the surrounding area for over 70 days now, yet Democrat politicians and the mainstream media continue to call it all just a “peaceful protest.”

Their willingness to turn a blind eye for political gain, or so they hope, is disgusting and demonstrates that they have no regard for the safety of the community, police officers or property in Portland, and other cities dealing with violent insurrection.

The Democrats, as usual, will likely see this half-cocked plan blow up in their face come November though, because Americans do not condone what is happening in Portland, and can see who is letting it carry on without consequences.

Newsflash, it’s not Republicans.