U.S. Attorney General William Barr has become the most effective speaker for the president and for law and order in the entire administration. He proved that Monday in an interview with the Chicago Tribune’s John Kass.

On wild leftist theories of a Trump coup: “You know liberals project. You know the president is going to stay in office and seize power and all that s—? I’ve never heard of that crap. I mean, I’m the attorney general. I would think I would have heard about it.” Barr knows that is just the latest leftist talking point with no basis in reality. He also knows that law enforcement is doing a good job tracking down the real threats.

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“There undoubtedly are many people in the government who surreptitiously work to thwart the administration,” said Barr on radicals in the civil service. The AG also opined the nation was approaching a “ruled by the mob” kind of political environment.

On the election: “I think we are getting into a position where we’re going to find ourselves irrevocably committed to a socialist path. And I think if Trump loses this election — that will be the case.”

Regarding mail-in ballots: “Just think about the way we vote now. You have a precinct, your name is on a list, you go in and say who you are, you go behind a curtain, no one is allowed to go in there to influence you, and no one can tell how you voted. All of that is gone with mail-in voting…There’s no more secret vote with mail-in vote. A secret vote prevents selling and buying votes. So now we’re back in the business of selling and buying votes. And the capricious distribution of ballots means harvesting, undue influence, outright coercion, paying off a postman, here’s a few hundred dollars, give me some of your ballots.

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“They’re creating an incendiary situation where there will be loss of confidence in the vote. It’ll be a close vote. People will say the president just won Nevada. ‘Oh, wait a minute! We just discovered 100,000 ballots! Every vote will be counted!’ Yeah, but we don’t know where these freaking votes came from.” Barr absolutely nailed it. But, will voters listen?