A self-proclaimed Karen struck this past Thursday when she filmed herself reprimanding a CVS manager for calling the police on two men who were African American. Without context, the Karen went into full rage mode, shaming the manager and workers for how they handled the situation. A situation she had little information about, which leads to her whole argument validating the problem with so-called activists.

The whole ordeal started when Charity Sade visited her local CVS store and saw two men being questioned by the cops. Without knowing any of the details, she pulls out her phone and records, immediately placing the blame on the officers. She even demands to know their badge numbers while they are questioning the suspects.

In the process, Sade uploads the video with the caption, “One officer told one of the men that their other person’s freedom was dependent on him being quiet. This is violent. People know what happens when the police are called on Black folx! They value property over people.”

But what are the details exactly? After the altercation outside, Sade then follows the manager inside and confronts him for the details. According to the manager and video, the two men were seen shoplifting inside the CVS, and police were called when the suspects left the building. So now Sade’s argument is invalid – nope.

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Sade doubles down on her stance, accusing the manager of being the problem. She says, “It’s not your merchandise. You decided to call the police on two black people that stole … allegedly took something from the store because you’re willing to uphold the policy and they could’ve lost their lives. So you’re willing to risk someone’s life for $30,000 a year?”

The video, which has now been deleted, caused a stir of emotions when it went viral. Sade believed people would praise her activism, but what she received was a healthy dose of realism. Twitter users quickly pointed out that the manager was in the right and Sade was, in fact, wrong.

Luckily, users saved the video, featured below, before it was deleted and have since reposted it on several social media sites. Since the incident, Sade has been busy trying to hide her online identity from changing her user handles to downright deleting accounts. All in an effort to hide her woke ignorance.