The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is aggressively targeting American firms including Amazon, Google, Verizon, Microsoft, and Facebook for hacking. But the Department of Justice is on the case.


Prosecutors brought charges on Wednesday against five Chinese nationals that are linked to Chinese intelligence. The hackers are accused of hacking into more than 100 companies in the U.S. and overseas, including social-media firms, universities and telecommunications providers.

The Wall Street Journal reports, “Malaysian businessmen were arrested Monday in Malaysia and accused of conspiring with some of the Chinese hackers to profit from intrusions into the videogame industry, Justice Department officials said…The charges, laid out in three separate indictments, build on several other cases brought against accused Chinese hackers during the Trump administration, which has characterized Beijing’s cyber-enabled theft of intellectual property as a grave national and economic security threat…The defendants, while working at the Chinese firm Chengdu 404 Network Technology, also compromised government computer networks in India and Vietnam, and targeted but didn’t successfully breach U.K. government networks, according to the indictment. Chengdu 404 and its indicted employees couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.”

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“The Department of Justice has used every tool available to disrupt the illegal computer intrusions and cyberattacks by these Chinese citizens,” said Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen. “Regrettably, the Chinese Communist Party has chosen a different path of making China safe for cybercriminals so long as they attack computers outside China and steal intellectual property helpful to China.”

“The sheer breadth of this action and the scope of victims is just stunning,” said Sumon Dantiki, a former FBI and Justice Department official. He compared it to China’s Cloudhopper attacks on managed-service providers. That attack was vast and well-targeted, causing mass consternation and confusion amongst its victims.

This is in keeping with the CCP’s campaign to destabilize the United States as much as possible between now and the November election. The Chinese are working on numerous fronts to include military provocations, harsh internal propaganda against the United States to prepare Chinese nationals for any move against America, and likely supply, funding, and coordination between the Chinese and Antifa and Black Lives Matter.