Riots. Riots. Riots. The left continues to claim peaceful protests as they chase Trump supports, smash windows, and attack innocent police officers throughout America. At a news conference this week, hosted by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, police sheriff Grady Judd decided to help the left by using pictures to explain the difference between peaceful protests and riots.

That is right. We are now at a point where an adult has to explain to other “voting” adults what the difference is between being civil and an anarchist. To make his point stick even further, the Polk County Sherriff thought the pictures would be simple enough for even the basic protester to understanding.

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In the video below, Sheriff Judd flashes the photos while saying, “I can tell you folks so that there’s no misunderstanding today. This is a peaceful protest. This is a riot. We can tell the difference. The governor can tell the difference. Our law enforcement officers can tell the difference.”

The sheriff then doubles down again by producing two more photos and saying, “In the event you didn’t get that, let me show you something. This is peaceful protest. This is looting. If you loot, the next thing you can try to steal is something off of your food tray at the county jail because you’re going to jail, that’s a guarantee. And we’re going to enjoy taking you down there.”

The unusual conference comes after the Governor introduced a new anti-rioting act that will be introduced in the next session. The Combating Violence, Disorder, and Looting and Law Enforcement Protection Act will now make it a felony for any person that participates in a violent protest. The act will also protect motorists who are trying to get to safety but are being blocked by protesters.

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On top of the felonies, the act will also increase fines and penalties for harassing patrons, party supporters, toppling monuments, and out-of-state rioters. Speaking at the conference, DeSantis added extra emphasis on officers, “If you throw a brick and hit a police officer, you’re going to jail, and there’s going to be a mandatory minimum jail sentence of at least six months for anyone who strikes a police officer, either with a weapon or projectile. And we’re also not going to simply let people back out on the street, so if you are in custody for one of these offenses relating to a violent or disorderly assembly, you’re not getting bail before your first appearance.”