Two innocent volunteer staffers for the Republican campaign that is opposing Rep. Ilhan Omar were shot on Monday. One of the them, Andre Conley, died from his injuries. He was 17 years old. The other is recovering from the shooting.

That is what it has come down to in American politics, oppose Bolshevik tyranny and Islamist hate and wind up dead on the streets of a city. The killing, as Omar herself has applauded the murderous violence of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, seems too close to leftist standard operating procedure to merely discount as coincidence. A suspect was caught on Thursday.

“It is shocking and unnecessary acts of violence like this that prove why change is needed now more than ever in our community,” said the Republican nominee against Omar, Lacy Johnson.

According to the Minneapolis Police Department, the young men were part of a group “standing in front of a business when a person, or persons, approached on foot and shot at the group. The suspect fled the scene prior to officers arrival.”

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So the killer didn’t shoot the others in the group, but specifically targeted the anti-Omar staffers. How would he know who they were unless he had been briefed or had seen them before in a reconnaissance? When the suspect is interrogated one wonders if he will turn out to be something more than an amateur thug.

The Omar campaign had no comment on the matter, no words of sorrow or condolence to the victim’s family. If this turns out to be more than a random homicide, then who gave the order for the murder? We have seen the left’s modern brownshirts murder before. Is this another of their calling cards to American democracy?

The left and the Democrats fetishize the youth vote. Since the 60s they’ve nattered on about how idealistic young people are and how the rest of us should listen to their pristine hopeful voices. Well, one young man believed in that idealism, but not of the left. It’s very possible that Andre Conley died for his belief in freedom and America. But there will be no marches for him, his name won’t be on any NFL helmets or on any NBA jerseys. He’ll be just another in a long list of innocent victims of the left.