On Sunday Project Veritas honcho James O’Keefe caught another corrupt Democrat. This time, “Squad” member Ilhan Omar, D-MN. He’s got her people on video admitting to ballot harvesting, election fraud, and prosecutable corruption. The president took notice.

“This is totally illegal. Hope that the U.S. Attorney in Minnesota has this, and other of her many misdeeds, under serious review??? If not, why not???,” the president tweeted Monday. “We will win Minnesota because of her, and law enforcement. Saved Minneapolis & Iron Range!”

The New York Post reports, “The president was referring to a report from Project Veritas that implicates progressive ‘Squad’ member Omar in an alleged cash-for-ballots scheme to gather absentee ballots illegally from Somali immigrants. In a video posted by Project Veritas late Sunday, Liban Mohamed, the brother of Minneapolis City Council member Jamal Osman, is shown with ballots filling his car’s dashboard.”


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“Just today we got 300 for Jamal Osman,” Mohamed says in the video posted on July 1, according to the report. “I have 300 ballots in my car right now. … Numbers don’t lie. You can see my car is full. All these here are absentee ballots. … Look, all these are for Jamal Osman…Money is the king in this world . . . and a campaign is driven by money.”

Omar Jamal, a Minneapolis political activist, implicated Ilhan Omar, saying Mohamed is “one of” her “many people.” Yes, I know. A lot of Omars to deal with here.

“It’s an open secret. She (Omar) will do anything that she can do to get elected and she has hundreds of people on the streets doing that…It’s not only her. It’s all this DFL [Democratic-Farmers-Labor] machine [that’s] in . . . the state of Minnesota,” Jamal told Project Veritas in an interview.

Another O’Keefe source, a Minneapolis Democrat volunteer who asked for anonymity and strangely whose name may not be Omar, said that Omar Chief of Staff Isse Gainey is running the scam. Gainey, “who is working in Ilhan’s campaign, is the one who is managing the voting place. They bring them. They line them. They put the open ballots in there and then they take them in and say, ‘Here,’ and the people mark [the ballots] . . .”

O’Keefe comments, “Our investigation into this ballot harvesting ring demonstrates clearly how these unscrupulous operators exploit the elderly and immigrant communities.”