Throughout this election, the Democrats have proven time and time again that they only care when it has to deal with themselves. Whenever the odds might not be in their favor, the liberals will cry and scream until they get what they want. Most recently, the polls have started to show Trump closing the gap. The email scandal and Biden’s lackluster presence have done him no favors. Now, even his own campaign manager is worried that the national polls may be inflated.

Speaking at a grassroots summit via videoconference, Jen O’Malley Dillion made some startling accusations about the polls that show her candidate ahead by almost double digits. Not wanting to forget what happened in 2016 with Hillary Clinton, Dillion had some strong words for her voter base. She said, “Please take the fact that we are not ahead by double digits. Those are inflated national public polling numbers.”

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Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Dillion has made these types of comments. Last Friday, after record-breaking donations, Dillion let it slip via social media that the polls were a lot closer than what the media was portraying. She said, “Early voting is already underway in many states. Millions of voters have already cast their ballots. But there is still a long way to go in this campaign, and we think this race is far closer than folks on this website think.”

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The news that the race is much closer than people believe happens to come after Biden raised a staggering $383 million in campaign funds. It’s unclear if any of the donors actually know the true poll numbers, but Reuters recently released a poll showing Trump and Biden tied in key battleground states like Florida.

With Biden’s devious past coming back to haunt him, it is only a matter of time before more details of his business dealing with the Chinese government are made known. As for Donald Trump, he continues to push forward with his campaign, boasting about the booming economy and his historic trade deals. He plans on stopping in Iowa and other key battleground states before election night.