No matter how far you run or where you hide, there is no escaping the dead stare of Joe Biden. That is how it feels having to write an article every time he stumbles over the simplest of tasks. Well, here we go again as Joe Biden is making headlines because he supposedly wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 million an hour.

Continuing to campaign throughout America, Biden recently stopped by Las Vegas, Nevada in hopes of winning some good fortune and votes. Since rallies are prohibited due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Biden met with a small group of supporters to talk over key issues he hopes to address as President. Luckily, the whole ordeal was filmed and can be seen below.

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What makes the “not rally” even more interesting is the fact that each supporter had to sit in their own safety circle. The circles were each six feet apart and supposedly help fight against the spread of the coronavirus. Biden and his campaign manager seem to behind the times as just days ago over 6,000 scientists signed a petition calling for a stop to outrageous COVID mandates.

Sitting Indian style in their safety circles, Biden was led out and soon started his speech. He attacked the Republicans and smeared the President along the way, but it is when he touched on American living wage that people stopped to listen. You wouldn’t blame them when Biden said he wanted to raise the minimum wage to $15 million an hour. He quickly notices the mistake and corrects himself to $15 thousand an hour. Again, Biden stumbles over his own words and messes up on the correct number. Finally, the last and third time sticks when Biden says $15 an hour.

While mistakes happen and speeches can be difficult, even with such a small “safe” crowd, it should be simple for the presidential nominee to read off of a teleprompter. That’s right, most – if not all candidates read their speeches from a monitor just feet away. So Biden wants the American people to vote him in as President when a simple task like reading seems to collapse him into a bumbling, laughing mess.