We’ve all known someone like this. A party animal who skirts the rules and uses glibness and highly-placed friends to make his way in life. But, enough about me.

Recent emails revealed by the hard drive obtained by the New York Post show Hunter Biden to be a deeply corrupt influence peddler and political operator. A man who, with the connivance of his father, traded on his family name to unethically enrich himself.

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But they also show something else. A man who has his decent moments, likes the high life, and has dealt with personal tragedy. These are not excuses for his behavior. However, they could be explanations.

New York Post: “In a text-message exchange from 2018, eldest daughter Naomi — named after Biden’s late sister, who was killed with their mother, Neilia, in a 1972 car crash — pleaded with her dad for emergency cash.

‘Can you put 150 in my account it was just declined for lyft to airport sorry sorry sorry,’ the now-26-year-old Columbia Law student asked.

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‘Yes I can but Naomi you really have to start to realize that once you are out of school the chances of you living like your father is a billionaire when he’s really given all his money away- is going to be a bit of a shock,’ Hunter Biden answered. ‘I know I promise ill be much better this year!!!!!!!!!!! Promise,’ Naomi wrote back.” Many who of us who have daughters understand that conversation. Biden was trying to be a good dad. It was a good answer. As so many in politics do, he may have compartmentalized his life into a shady professional side and a sometimes decent other side. But you can’t turn one on and another off like flipping a switch. The two opposing facets will eventually seep into each other. It brings about self-destruction.

25,000 images were found on the hard drive. Among them were numerous sexually explicit selfies and porn. Hard to build a family life on that. But there were also family and childhood shots. This is, in some ways, a deeply conflicted man.

Emails from 2018, show Biden inviting a pal to The Hollywood Roosevelt hotel in LA, touting he has a “cabana suite” and is “partying like an idiot ass rock star.” It reads like a moronic Wayne’s World sketch.

And yet, this man, this crook who dealt with other government crooks all over the world, missed his deceased brother Beau with a sincere anguish. “I missed his touch – I could feel him there in our [midst] I could smell him-but he wasn’t there, he was gone.” Hunter Biden wrote that while kneeling in church, “for the first time in my life [I] prayed for [not] just my dead mother and my dead sister but also for my dead brother…And for the first time in my [life, I] prayed for me-and I asked please let me be with you please let me know you love me please let me forget…” If a man can write that, past all the corruption, there is a spark of goodness left.

Hunter Biden has gone way off course in his life. As individuals who are not perfect ourselves, and as some of us who are Christians, we can hope he finds his way back to a good road. But that won’t come without telling the truth about the influence peddling he has already done.