Realizing the massive potential damage to the Biden campaign, the usual leftist media suspects all ignored, downplayed, or vilified the smoking gun that proves Joe Biden and his creepy kid are crooks.

Fox News commented, “The mainstream media went into overdrive to dismiss Wednesday’s New York Post bombshell revealing damning emails allegedly found on Hunter Biden’s computer, with some outlets simply ignoring the development and others doing their best to cast the report as dubious…The New York Post report, entitled ‘Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad,’ touched on suggestions that the former vice president’s son had unscrupulous financial and business ties to a natural gas firm in Ukraine — Burisma Holdings — and that his father later stepped in to have a probing prosecutor fired for looking into the matter.”

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“Being the loyal Democratic foot soldiers that they were, ABC, CBS, and NBC all censored the bombshell from their evening newscasts,” said NewsBusters pundit Nicholas Fondacaro.

“It’s really no wonder the liberal networks were hiding this extremely damaging information from their viewers,” Fondacaro opined. “And since they refused to cover the Post’s bombshell, by extension they couldn’t talk about Orwellian censorship from Facebook and Twitter as they tried to frantically stop the story from spreading.”

Joe Scarborough and MSNBC led the pack in this disinformation campaign, “It’s much better for Twitter to let people read the New York Post article and sit there and laugh at the hokey story.” He then called it one of the “stupidest October surprises. ”

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“No one should link to or share that NY Post ‘report.’ You can discuss the obvious flaws and unanswerable questions in the report without amplifying what appears to be disinformation,” MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin ironically wrote.

The New York Times published the headline, “Allegation on Biden Prompts Pushback From Social Media Companies,” and insisted social media platforms made the call that the story was “deemed so dubious that they limited access to the article on their platforms.” Wow. That’s a stretch. But anything to protect their crooked nominee. NPR called the story “unsubstantiated.” The Washington Post wrote an “explainer” trashing the story.

And not to be left out, “It’s entirely fair to suspect that the Hunter Biden email story is either Russian disinformation or the fruits of Russian hacking.” Bloomberg’s Eli Lake hilariously claimed. Wow. Russia again? They must be desperate this does not see the light of day. But if the planned last presidential debate happens on October 22nd, they won’t be able to stop it.