While the rest of the world tries to figure out the motives behind the Hunter Biden scandal, it appears the former Vice President is acting as if it never happened. Like most Democrats, when they are told something they don’t agree with – they simply act like it doesn’t exist. Since the scandal came to light, even after Facebook and Twitter tried to bury it, Joe Biden has yet to say a word on the issue. Now, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is demanding the Democratic nominee answer questions on the scandal before election night.

Appearing on Saturday’s broadcast of Fox & Friends, McCarthy didn’t shy away from the subject of the Hunter Biden scandal. He said, “Well, it’s obvious that Hunter Biden made money off using his family name. What I don’t understand is why Joe Biden is not answering the question of how much he knew about this family business.”

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Bringing up a solid point, Biden hasn’t mentioned a single word on the issue of the scandal. When a reporter was able to get a question in, the presidential nominee called it a “smear campaign” while others used Hunter’s addiction to cover their “pay to play” politics.

McCarthy went on to dig deeper into the Biden Family past when he recalled, “Remember, six years ago, when he was vice president, he took his son, Hunter Biden, to China. What did they talk about on that plane? Ten days after that trip, the Chinese company got their license that created the fund that Hunter Biden was a part of. So, these are questions, if you’re going to run for the leader of the free world, you need to answer.”

Knowing that the election is just weeks away, McCarthy is doubtful the Republicans or voters will ever get the truth behind the Hunter emails. But as if he were talking to Biden himself, McCarthy said, “You were vice president of the United States, your son was making money off you…Ukraine, you got somebody fired going after the company that your son was on the board for, and now, there are emails saying that you should be paid by this? You cannot avoid this question and this question has to be answered before voters should be able to vote.”