Some of the most recent polls available show an increase of support for President Trump. In fact, his 46% Gallup approval rating is basically on mark with Obama’s approval rating at this time in 2012. The disgraced 44th president went on to beat Mitt Romney in the general election.


Fox News has details, “A poll conducted in the lead-up to Tuesday’s presidential debate showed Americans giving President Trump his highest approval rating in months while a majority predicted he would defeat former Vice President Joe Biden in November…Gallup released its results on Thursday, claiming that Trump saw his highest approval rating (46%) since May with approvals on his handling of certain issues, other than the economy, below 50%…The data, which was gathered in the two weeks before the debate, reflected an uptick from the 42% Trump received earlier in September. That increase, the polling company suggested, could be associated with his response to late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. ‘Although the increase of four percentage points in Trump’s latest rating is not statistically significant, the poll’s internals suggest a rise in his support the second half of the Sept. 14-28 field period coincident with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death and lying in state, as well as Trump’s announcing that he would quickly make a nomination to the Supreme Court. This suggests that some viewed his handling of the situation positively,’ a press release from Gallup reads…Gallup reported that 56% of Americans believe the president will win in November. Only 40% said the same for Biden. In total, 90% of Republicans and 56% of independents predicted a Trump victory, compared to just 24% of Democrats.”

Perception often becomes reality in politics, so this is good news for Trump. He will also garner sympathy because of his Covid diagnosis. That he may do so has some Democrats so upset they believe the diagnosis is a hoax.

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Yes, these people are clinically insane. But their unnatural obsession with the president makes them so non-credible they play right into the president’s hands. As to the charge? Well, a rule in politics is that the reward must be greater than the risk. If Trump was found to be lying about his Covid diagnosis he would lose the election. Ergo…