It’s a new day and we all know what that means – more Joe Biden. While the Democratic hopeful might be leading in the polls, he appears to be struggling to garner sizable crowds at his so-called rallies. Most recently, Biden and his running mate Kamila Harris decided to stop by Detroit to host an auto rally where there were zero fanfare and more shocking – a giant teleprompter for Biden to use.

While conspiracy theories have no place in mainstream media, the theory that Joe Biden is secretly a Disney robot is starting to gain traction as more of his odd characteristics are made known. He constantly slurs his speech, forgets where he is at, and NOW needs a giant teleprompter just to speak his heart to the American people. Even many of Biden’s close colleagues are worried about the former Vice President as some experts say Biden might be showing early signs of Dementia.

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At the Drive-in rally, Biden falls into the same motions of reaching his hands out, trying to grab the American people. Cars can be heard as they honk and drown out the candidate. It is unclear if they are drowning him out due to agreeing or disagreeing with his stance. One thing is clear though – the campaign spared no expense when it came to the teleprompter.

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In the video above, Biden can be seen talking to a tiny crowd of cars when the video turns to show a 70-inch big screen TV with his speech on it. To make the video even more hilarious is the fact that Biden seems to still be having trouble reading it. People watch as he stumbles over his words and looks around questionable at his handlers. Again, this is the man the Democrats saw fit and strong enough to maybe become the next President of the United States.

With a fresh email scandal to deal with, what type of teleprompter Joe Biden uses might be the least of his worries, but it does showcase his capabilities as a potential leader. Do you want a leader who constantly seems lost and needs an entire theater to read his speeches? If so, do I have the candidate for you.