If 2016 taught Americans anything, it was not to take the election polls too seriously and to always write a concession speech. No one learned this lesson more than former first lady Hillary Clinton. Every poll had her leading and at the end of the night, it was Donald Trump celebrating, not her. Now, if you think that is the end of Hillary Clinton then you would be wrong because she is back and it’s personal as she joined the same team that won Trump the election four years ago – the electoral college.

Still seeking some sort of revenge on the President for dethroning her victory, Hillary went on SiriusXM Progress and decided to drop the bombshell. You can watch the video below as she says, “I’m an elector, I’m an elector from New York. I’m an elector. Pretty sure I’ll get to vote for Joe and Kamala in New York … I can’t wait.”

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While excited about the news, no one is really surprised. Since 2016, Hillary has been on a campaign to reinvent herself. After her horrible loss, the Democrats had no other option than to distance itself from her, yet like a seasonal cough – she is back.

The new electoral member of the Democratic state of New York went on to discuss her party’s plans for election night. She said, “I am worried that we’re not going to have a final conclusion though for a couple of days, if not longer”. Interesting that the Democrats are deadest on not having results on election night. Another note – they say they won’t have official numbers for several days or weeks, yet they know how many people already voted by mail.

When pressed on the issue of losing, Hillary let it slip when she said, “I’ve talked to the lawyers from the Biden campaign, I’ve talked to independent lawyers who are bringing lawsuits for all kinds of organizations and they’re preparing for every scenario you can imagine.”

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Though Hillary will never be able to go back in time and set the election in her favor, being part of the electoral college could spell disaster for future Republicans. Her years of tampering and election meddling could put to extreme use from the inside causing irreversible damage to the political system.


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