From the start, the left has done nothing but blame COVID-19 on the Trump administration. It doesn’t matter that the first signs of the virus came from China, all that matters to the Democrats is how to make Trump look bad so he won’t get reelected. Their new strategy of a smear campaign can be seen on full display when a former MSNBC host said Trump should face the death penalty for his response to COVID-19.

In his YouTube video, host Keith Olbermann appears to come unhinged when talking about the 220,000 deaths caused by the coronavirus. While he has every right to be upset at the virus, Olbermann uses the opportunity to push the Democratic narrative that it is all Trump’s fault. If he would have never been elected then there would never be a coronavirus. While that is completely ludicrous, that is what the Democrats are saying when bashing the President over his COVID response.

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Still, Olbermann uses his airtime to release a monologue about Trump. He says, “We’re all tired but mostly I’m tired of the needless sickness and the needless death and the needless terror because this mentally incompetent, inhumane, dumb bastard has lied about this disease in a thousand different ways, a different way for every political need he has sensed.”

For those keeping track and have watched the video above, that was one entire sentence. And Olbermann wasn’t done as he continued, “I’m tired of the thought that we are now going to repeat the months of March and April in the country, a country that should have learned something! But which, in large part, has been authorized to wallow and die in its own stupidity because of one man, one dumb bastard, one selfish son of a b**ch.”

According to the Democrats, President Trump has denied science far too long and has caused over 200,000 people to die. But let’s look at the facts. The virus was first reported in China, not the United States, and it was also China that tried to cover up the virus instead of notifying the rest of the world. Even Taiwan tried to alert WHO about the coronavirus but was eventually turned away and shunned.

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As for the President, he was dragged over the coals for halting flight to and from China in early January. And for his COVID response, the President’s administration has not only given a timetable for a vaccine but also granted free testing and paid sick leave for Americans who contracted the virus. But again – this doesn’t fit the narrative they want you to read.