Since COVID-19, the Democrats have all but condemned the gathering of mass people. Sporting events, concerts, and even political rallies have come under fire for being the cause of spreading the virus. But what is interesting is how the Democrats won’t dare attack the Black Lives Matter or leftists movement for their part in the corona spread. Even on Saturday, Women’s March and BLM radicals rushed the stage of a Barrett rally, causing the event to be shut down.

The Democrats and their followers have always done one thing and said another. Just look at the presidential nominee they backed. A man who said he never talked business with his son, now emails show that’s all they talked about, but that is another story. The clip below shows how carefree the Democrats are at the Women’s March rally. You can see thousands of people and not a single one of them is social distancing.

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Another thing you will never see is the media attacking these groups for being the main cause for the COVID spread. The reason behind this is because they are spreading the narrative the media wants people to hear. Don’t believe me, just look what happens when the liberal find out a Barrett support rally is happening just a short distance away.

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In the video, supporters of Barrett can be seen minding their own business when the liberals descend on them, yelling and verbally attacking them. One woman decided not to wear a mask and soon became the focal point for a liberal’s tirade that ends with the leftists freaking out.

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The group of social justice warriors continues their attack on people that don’t agree with them by shutting down the Barrett rally. At the same time, a pro-life movement was taking place and the liberals saw another opportunity to attack people they don’t agree with by yelling even louder. One lady can even be heard telling a pregnant lady that she “would kill herself if she was that baby.”

As more and more of these videos come to light, it begs the question as to how long the Democrats will sit by and let their voter base tear apart the American system. They have already proven in places like Portland that law and order are an absolute must. With more unhinged behavior, it’s only a matter of time before they start turning on each other.