With just one more day before the election, the Democrats thought they could lean back and relax for a moment. There is no way something could go wrong that would throw the entire election into a tailspin. Given how 2020 has gone so far, I wouldn’t put it past the Democrats to put Biden in a shelter for the next 24 hours because according to an NBC news report – another Hunter Biden laptop has been found.

While it is unclear how many laptops Hunter Biden has, his second computer was found during a search warrant at a psychiatrist’s house who specializes in celebrities. In February, the DEA delivered the search warrant to Keith Ablow in Newburyport, Massachusetts after complaints were filed that included inappropriate sexual activity at his office. Although he was not charged with a crime and denies all allegations, Ablow’s medical license was suspended by the Board of Registration in Medicine.

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Since the DEA was not after Biden or their family, the laptop was not searched and was officially handed over to the family’s lawyer. It remains unclear if the computer is in any way connected to the first laptop that stumbled into the position of President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

Given the gravity of the situation, no popular news outlets have talked about this story. This comes from the fear of big tech companies like Facebook and Twitter. When Biden’s first laptop was found, the New York Posts broke the story about how inappropriate images of underage girls were found along with text message proving that former VP Joe Biden ran a “pay to play” political ring when he was in office.

When the news broke about the laptop, the New York Posts was blacklisted from Twitter and have only recently gained control of their account again. With tech giants controlling the news and media, many Americans and President Trump have called for harsher regulations on tech companies and how decided what is fake news and what constitutes freedom of speech. As it stands now, it appears social media has once again been accused and caught of election meddling.

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