Joe Biden is trying to politically have it both ways by bringing in the Left on the transition, but so far keeping them out of important Cabinet slots. Elizabeth Warren is being passed over at Treasury for former Fed Chair Janet Yellen and Bernie Sanders may not get Labor. If that happens Bernie and his ilk will be livid. Biden thinks he can make for it by giving the hard left a big role in the transition. That’s like being a roadie but not getting to stay for the show.


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FNC: “President-elect Joe Biden is working on staffing to ensure a smooth transition into the White House in January – and appears to be leaning on left-wing organizations to help him. Biden last week announced members of the agency review teams, which include at least 20 individuals, who work for left-leaning philanthropic foundations or groups, as reported by think tank Capital Research Center. Those organizations include the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Century Foundation and the California Community Foundation.”

But the real slots? Nah. So the Bolshies are kvetching over Joe Biden’s choices so far for top officials. But a top dog official on Friday told people to wait and see what names will he selected. Jen Psaki said that the Biden administration would include a “diversity of political views.” Yeah, from Trots to Tankies.

Psaki, who was communications director in Obama’s regime and is a leader in the Biden transition (such a surprise), will be in charge of steering his eventual cabinet choices through Senate confirmation. She told reporters, “I would encourage people to wait until we’ve made even one announcement about a Cabinet member and certainly more than just a dozen White House names, before they pass judgment.”

Psaki added, in a blatantly racist aside, that Biden and president-in waiting Harris are committed to naming a Cabinet and White House team that looks like America, emphasizing “that means there will be people from diverse backgrounds, diverse experiences, and a diversity of political views, including from all sides of the Democratic Party.” Which actually means: “It will look exactly like the crazier elements of the Democrat hard left, but may screw them over for the big jobs. That is, we’re more culturally comfortable with Big Tech and Wall Street than we are with communist toddlers, though we’ll let some in for show.”

Psaki insisted, regardless of evidence on campaign finance reports, that Biden is “not a fan of Wall Street policies or an advocate for, you know, a lot of the policies that some people would…be in favor of or be pushing for from that end.”

Biden also said on Thursday that he will make the announcement on Treasury Secretary around Thanksgiving. Biden, taking softball questions from drooling reporters, called his choice “someone who I think will be accepted by all elements of the Democratic Party, from the progressive to the moderate coalitions.” That would be, as noted above, Janet Yellen.

But Bernie Sanders sees the writing on the wall and has issued a warning to Biden, “It seems to me pretty clear that progressive views need to be expressed within a Biden administration,” Sanders told media. “It would be, for example, enormously insulting if Biden put together a ‘team of rivals’ — and there’s some discussion that that’s what he intends to do — which might include Republicans and conservative Democrats — but which ignored the progressive community. I think that would be very, very unfortunate.” Oh sure, very unfortunate indeed. For Bernie.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on November 21, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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