When it comes to COVID-19, no state is in more peril than the once-bustling New York City. Thanks to the Democrat-ran state, New York has become a wasteland of opportunity. Lockdowns and harsh restrictions have caused millions of people to turn away from the city and move to more conservative states. Now, amid a pandemic and debt threatening to bankrupt the state, Governor Andrew Cuomo is suspected to see a raise in the coming week. And the amount should be a crime.

For starters, the Governor gets paid a yearly salary of $225,000 for his work and sacrifice to the state. Both Cuomo has done very little off, but now the governor believes he should see a raise. How much you ask? Nothing too crazy, just $25,000. Did I forget to mention that the state is a prime example of what happens when you try to lock down and hide from the coronavirus? The state is still seeing a climb in numbers, even with harsh regulations in place.

It wasn’t even a month ago, Cuomo was begging the government for assistance as the state was heading for bankruptcy. The governor stated, “New York state is already $50 billion in debt between state and local governments and they have not passed legislation on the state and local relief. If the state has a deficit and the local governments have a deficit, we can’t fund essential workers.”

Shocking that the governor would beg the country for assistance and then want a nice pay raise for himself while the rest of America goes without. But again, this is the Democrats we are talking about and nothing they do is for anyone but themselves. Cuomo even blasted Mayor Bill de Blasio for being reckless with the city budget, but again – de Blasio isn’t the one asking for a raise amid a global pandemic.

With no one else to blame, Cuomo pointed the finger at his own government and more importantly – President Trump. Cuomo said, “We don’t dig out of it. We don’t have a shovel big enough to dig out of it, it’s the biggest number in history. We need help from Washington and that’s what Trump wouldn’t do.”

Again, what does Cuomo need help with exactly? Counting all that extra money he will get from his very own raise?