As the president has now admitted Joe Biden won the election, Trump has about two months to work to finish his first term work and try to protect the nation as best he can from the incoming Biden administration. Here are his likely and best moves until January.

Appointments- We’ve got to move quick on this as we’ve lost the executive branch, until the president’s hopeful return in 2025, and will be down one or two in the Senate. The president must get judicial and other appointments to the upper chamber post haste and they must be rammed through. No niceties, no rules, no mercy. If Democrats get in the way the Snapping Turtle must mercilessly crush them. We can put in office now judges and civil service personnel who can throw spanners into the Biden machine for the next four years. Didn’t it always tick you off how some federal judge delayed or stopped presidential actions? Now, it’s payback time.

National security- We’ve got to get out of Afghanistan, and possibly Iraq, if need be like we got out of Saigon in April of 1975. No nuances, no more lives and money spent, a bugout if necessary. But get the hell out. The president seems to generally believe that and is putting personnel in place to implement it. He is not alone in his sentiments on Afghanistan and Iraq.

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A strike on the Iranians, if only on general principle, would be nice. Kind of a goodbye present. The Israelis could push for that, knowing the pro-Pallie terrorist pawn Joe Biden is about to take office and is bringing those who hate Israel with him. Aside from that, our military will be left to the tender mercies of communists and authoritarian socialist sociologists come January.

The economy and the bureaucracy- The president needs to, as much as he can, go full hog supply side, watch the success, and then dare Joe Biden to stop the train. He needs to quickly enact economic plans by executive order that make Ayn Rand look like Bernie Sanders. Deregulate anything and everything. Close down cabinet departments like Energy, Commerce, HUD, and Education, and fire everybody there. Gotta move on this stuff. The clock is ticking…