While the president continues his legal fight and Biden chooses a Cabinet, the president thinks Biden is being presumptuous in thinking of a Cabinet at all.

FNC: “President Trump took to Twitter on Saturday night to voice frustrations about Joe Biden making Cabinet choices, as Trump’s legal team continued to push allegations of election and voter fraud.

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“Why is Joe Biden so quickly forming a Cabinet when my investigators have found hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes, enough to ‘flip’ at least four States, which in turn is more than enough to win the Election. Hopefully the Courts and/or Legislatures will have the COURAGE to do what has to be done to maintain the integrity of our Elections, and the United States of America itself.’


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The decision by U.S. Middle District Judge Matthew Brann on Saturday was just the latest disappointment for the Trump 2020 Campaign, which was struggling to overturn the results of the Nov. 3 election.”

But Republican Senator of Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania disagreed with the president. Toomey said the judge was a “longtime conservative Republican,” and “a fair and unbiased jurist” and thus he thought Trump “has exhausted all plausible legal options to challenge the result of the presidential race in Pennsylvania.” The Trump campaign shot back.

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“Today’s decision turns out to help us in our strategy to get expeditiously to the U.S. Supreme Court. Although we fully disagree with this opinion, we’re thankful to the Obama-appointed judge for making this anticipated decision quickly, rather than simply trying to run out the clock.” But still other Republicans took aim at the president and his legal team.

“The President and his lawyers have made claims of criminality and widespread fraud, which they allege could impact election results,” Rep. Liz Cheney, Republican of Wyoming said in a statement. “If they have genuine evidence of this, they are obligated to present it immediately in court and to the American people. If the President cannot prove these claims or demonstrate that they would change the election result, he should fulfill his oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States by respecting the sanctity of our electoral process.” If the president begins to lose respected Republicans like Pat Toomey and Liz Cheney, his political strategy will come undone.

Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine piled on, “There is a right way and a wrong way to compile the evidence and mount legal challenges in our courts. The wrong way is to attempt to pressure state election officials,” Collins told Politico this week, as the president plans to meet with Michigan legislators. Perhaps not a move with good optics.