Team Trump election corruption fight email update:

Please disregard everything you hear on legacy media (CNN, NBC, MSNBC, etc)  They are part of the problem in America

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This unfortunately includes Fox – they’ve been taken over.  Please put them in the rear view mirror.  It was good while it lasted.

So please read/watch Newsmax, OAN, Blaze, America’s Voice, Epoch Times, Gateway Pundit, Col Rob Maness, Sharyl Attkisson, Michelle Malkin, etc.  We’re having to re-build sane voices in this forest of blather.

The fight is on – they may have the financial dominance and more lawyers, but we have:

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Field Marshal Sidney Powell (our modern day Deborah): @SidneyPowell1

General Rudy Giuliani: @RudyGiuliani

Lieutenant General ‘Howlin Mad’ Lin Wood @LLinWood

This group is incredible – focused and unshakeable resolve.  Job 1 is Georgia and then so on.

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Please follow them and retweet relentlessly – the main effort in the next few days is Lin Wood who is laying siege to the utter corruption in Georgia.

There is utter corruption everywhere – but we will prevail.  Chris Krebs was fired at DHS by President Trump – unbelievably Krebs let Dominion pen the letter from his coordinating council that said no

issues with electronic voting machines.  Krebs must have been temporarily insane or shilling for a post political position.  An utter lie and gross malfeasance for him to let his council do this. Shameful and corrupt.

Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada are all in play and we have the decisive court forensics.

This is far from over and there are several pathways to victory in the next few weeks.

Tell everyone Al Gore had 35 days in 2000, we’re only at day 16. Send this message every time you communicate.

Several of us on this email are part of the team that put together – we’re under vicious attack by the New York Times, but that is a badge of honor.

God is in control – several on this email are on the group that fought heroically against the Ant Group Initial Public Offering – if you’re not following, that was Jack Ma’s effort (China’s Jeff Bezos)

to do an initial public offering in China of the Ant Group (Alibaba).  It was a grotesque end around the US dominated financial world.  We were blocked and fought constantly by Wall Street and in the

halls of the Executive Office of the President.  We cried, we prayed – we did everything we could and nothing seemed to work.  This action would raise north of $70 billion dollars in investor capital, most

of which would go the Chinese Communist Party, which would then use it to continue to fund violence and chaos by Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

And then God intervened – Chairman Xi, the leader of the CCP/China was spooked by what he saw as a mortal danger to his tenure, Jack Ma.  Xi cancelled everything earlier this month and Ma’s status is unclear, Ma’s now in a very dangerous predicament.  Several financially wealthy personalities in China have been disappeared when it looked like they were competition to Xi.

So, God intervened and took care of the Ant Group situation – we weren’t expecting this intervention at all.

Same in this election – we have great people fighting – rally and support them – vocally and prayerfully in a thunderous manner.

We’re fighting in California and also – do not fret – we will overcome this utter corruption

Please share far and wide (I’ve hidden all the emails – many asked to be added)  – donate to support the fight, pray, and make your voices heard.

Someone is going to be unhappy with the outcome – let’s make sure it’s the 40% who wanted the Blue side to win.

They’ll get violent win or lose, so brace yourself and push for victory.


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