With the election still in limbo, Biden and the Democrats took it upon themselves to go ahead and claim victory in a race they haven’t even won yet. Without any knowledge of how politics works, Biden supporters took to the streets to celebrate. And remember, we are currently in the middle of a pandemic, but that doesn’t matter now, I guess. With celebrations taking place all over the country, let’s take a closer look at a couple of them and what they did to celebrate.

Warning! What you are about to see is graphic in nature and should never be a form of expression towards a sitting President. Still, the Democrat voters thought the best way to use their time was to forget about COVID-19 and resort to protesting outside the White House. One supporter even carried a severed head of Donald Trump on a spike. The head was accompanied by a pig nose and pacifier in his mouth. Remember, this is the party that also supports Black Lives Matter and Antifa, so it isn’t out of the normal for them to promote violence and anarchy throughout America.

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The protests didn’t stop just in Washington D.C. as there were other celebrations throughout America. In Philly, the rambunctious crowd decided to hold a mock execution of President Trump using a blow-up rag doll that looked like Donald Trump. They punched, kicked, and even spit on the doll. One supporter could even be heard yelling, “Kill that, B*tch!”

The rally turns dangerous as a motorcycle decides to get in on the action and uses his tires to tear apart the doll. Onlookers cheer and clap as they destroy the doll.

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In Ohio, Biden supporters dressed a mannequin to look like the President, and then each person took a turn beating the effigy until there was barely anything left. Again, this is supposed to be the progressive party, or at least that is how they market themselves. Over the past months, Biden fanatics have cried over how the President conducts himself, yet they stoop so low as to not even give him a chance. Instead, they build effigies and mock executions to show just where their loyalties and morals lie.