No matter what you might have heard on the local television or radio, President Trump did not concede. That is first and foremost. Recently, CNN and other media outlets have been letting it slip that the President is silently giving up his power as to not appear weak to the American people. This like most other claims that come from CNN and other BIG media groups – is a lie. President Trump continues his fight and won’t stop until he has proven that something illegal happened on election night.

In the video you are about to watch, you will see how the media mistook what President Trump said in his tweet. Like always, the Democrats twist his words to fit the narrative of the story they are trying to sell.

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Again, President Trump hasn’t lost, and believe me – Sleepy Joe Biden hasn’t won anything just yet. As I have said before, the election isn’t over until the courts deem it so and there is still plenty of time for the Trump Administration to prove election meddling in key battleground states.

There are also a lot of claims out there about Joe Biden and his team already transitioning into the White House. While these claims are true, that is on behalf of the Trump Administration. If for some odd reason, Biden were to pull out a victory and win the presidency, then the last thing Trump or any American would want is for the new person in power to be behind on current events.

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Again, this goes to show what type of person President Trump was and continues to be. He wants nothing but the best for this country and what did he get in return – ridiculed, imitated, and even mock executed by his own people. And for what? What did he do that was so bad?

I can tell you what he did. He helped put together one of the greatest economies in the world. He strengthened or border to help our own country thrive and flourish. Oh yeah, he also helped pave the way for a COVID vaccine. And he did all that and much more in just four years. What could he have done with an additional four?