Whenever people in politics want to cover up a firing the public and press are told it’s for “personal reasons” or “health” or “to spend time with family.” But this one isn’t hard to guess from this president. He is upset Barr knew about the Hunter Biden investigation and didn’t make it public before the election and he is mad Barr said he saw no widespread game changing election fraud. Thus, Barr is out soon after those matters became public and soon after the president expressed public displeasure. Anything else tweeted is just makeup on a very ugly pig.

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Newsmax: “President Donald Trump is tweeting that Attorney General Bill Barr will be leaving his job just before Christmas. He will be succeeded on an interim basis by deputy Jeff Rosen. In a Monday tweet, Trump, who is continuing to shuffle his staff even as a new administration is set to take office next month, had this to say: ‘just had a very nice meeting with Attorney General Bill Barr at the White House. Our relationship has been a very good one, he has done an outstanding job! As per letter, Bill will be leaving just before Christmas to spend the holidays with his family…’ A followup tweet said: ‘Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen, an outstanding person, will become Acting Attorney General. Highly respected Richard Donoghue will be taking over the duties of Deputy Attorney General. Thank you to all!’ Though Barr, who succeeded Jeff Sessions and Matt Whitaker in the top law enforcement role, has been a steadfast Trump backer throughout his tenure, rifts between the two men have been growing in recent weeks.”

The specifics of Trump’s displeasure? “The exit follows soon after a Dec. 1 interview with the Associated Press in which the attorney general said the Justice Department hadn’t seen ‘fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election’. Those comments poured cold water on Trump’s continued claims that Joe Biden stole the Nov. 3 election through voter fraud and manipulation across a handful of swing states — allegations that to date have not yielded court rulings altering the outcome.”

Then on Dec. 3, the president shot back when asked how he felt about Barr. “Ask me that in a number of weeks from now. They should be looking at all of this fraud.” It’s been less than two weeks. We now have the answer to that question.