As a fellow former member of US Army Intelligence, I had great respect and sympathy for General Mike Flynn. Had. While telling the press about his ordeals, he almost simultaneously retweeted a message from an extremist group that would replace the Constitution with Bonapartism. One can understand his level of anger and frustration. But he has simply gone too far. We are not at a stage of complete civil meltdown or domestic war yet. If that happens perhaps things will get sporty and require extreme remedies. But to call for it now is loony tunes.

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First, the anger and frustration. FNC: “Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn defended himself on Thursday, telling Fox Business host Lou Dobbs that President Trump granted him a ‘pardon of innocence’ after he faced a ‘political persecution of the highest order.’ Trump pardoned Flynn last month after his attorney, Sidney Powell, had asked the president not do that. While appearing on ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight,’ Flynn described overcoming his reticence to accepting a pardon.

‘As my family and I, particularly my wife and I talked about it and honestly prayed over it, we came to the conclusion that this was the right moment in time to do this — that the justice system that we were facing was just not going to function properly…And it was very, very obvious that that was going to be the case…So, you know, we went and made the decision that this was the direction that we wanted to go and good enough for President Donald Trump for coming through, and we’re certainly grateful to him. But at the same time, we also know that this was a political persecution of the highest order and not something that any American should ever have to go through…I think at the end of the day, people want me to say something or, you know, for years, you know, do you — are you upset with President Trump? Are you upset with the White House? And the answer is no — and the reason why [is] because this was a setup from the beginning, and it really — where accountability lies is it lies in the previous administration.”

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Now to the Bonapartism. This is from a conservative, say again- conservative DC publication that is highly respected by most Republicans and conservatives, “Just days after receiving a controversial pardon from President Trump, retired Gen. Michael Flynn showed some of the character defects that got him into hot water in the first place. Worse, he did it in a way dangerous for the republic, which makes it and him inexcusable. He should apologize and take a long, self-imposed hiatus from the public eye. Specifically, Flynn approvingly retweeted a press release from a radical group calling for the Constitution to be ‘temporarily suspend[ed]’ and a form of martial law enacted. It also threatens ‘to take matters into our own hands’ if Trump does not order the military to conduct a new national election. Is that a threat of rebellion? Seriously?

“The group also demanded that Trump ‘silence the destructive media’s one-sided propaganda’ — not to try to counteract it with his arguments, mind you, but to ‘silence’ it…This is beyond inappropriate. It is appalling and vile.” It is indeed. The general once took an oath to defend the Constitution. He has broken that oath.