Cancel culture continues to strip away at the fabric of our society. Just a couple of days ago, a child got a gut-wrenching “No” from a woke Santa when he asked for a Nerf Gun. Well, if that wasn’t enough, now cancel culture has set its sight on a tradition that goes back as old as Santa himself – Decorations. While every child remembers driving by each house, gawking over the displays, cancel culture wants to wipe it from your memory as it could somehow divide neighbors.

Before you watch the video below, there are a couple of things you need to know. First off, this isn’t one of those crazy shows where house goes against house to see who has the better Christmas lights. This was a simple family trying to get into the holiday spirit by putting up a few decorations.

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Also, St. Anthony, Minnesota resident Kim Hunt, and her husband own the house and claim they were saddened by the letter. Kim said, “The lights give me joy after coming home from work as a nurse working with COVID,” she recalled. “I wish we could all celebrate diversity and honor everyone’s traditions.” Hunt went on to say the country is so divided that it’s “a sad statement that Christmas lights have to be a target.”

While I’m sure they are already packing their bags and looking for a new home, it is the Christmas season. Like Hunt said, it gives her joy to come home after working horrid hours and fighting COVID-19 on a daily basis. To come home to a letter telling you that you are in the wrong. Sorry, but that isn’t how this works.

To the Hunt family and any other person out there contemplating putting up displays – this is your home. This is the place you are meant to feel the safest and it is a sad day in America when any person doesn’t feel that in their own home. And for it to be over nothing more than a little light display.

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Over the years, there have been gigantic displays that go on half the night, yet people enjoy the work and effort put into them. While it is unclear who wrote the letter, it’s clear that whoever it was is mostly like the Grinch of the 2020 Christmas season.