The president received raves from the assembled cadets and midshipmen of West Point and Annapolis, as he entered the field before the Fighting Soldiers of the USMA shut out the sailors of Canoe U. in a 15-0 trouncing. Guess which branch I served in? Though granted, I live in Annapolis and my Dad and my oldest son were swabos. So, good lads all of them.

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These young men and women know the value and strength of Donald Trump. He did not send their older classmates to foreign fields to sacrifice themselves in futile adventures. He made sure the armed forces stayed true to their mission to defend this country and did not turn the classes of the USMA and USNA into PC indoctrination centers, as has become the fate of almost all other public and private colleges and universities in this country. And President Donald Trump ensured that if these courageous men and women were ever called to fight, they would have the proper and most advanced equipment to do so with, and a mission in the American interest worthy of their bravery.

I can remember a similar feeling in the early 1980s when I wore an Army uniform. I enlisted in Mr. Carter’s US Army in September of 1980. Two months later Ronald Reagan was elected president. We breathed a sigh of relief. We knew the weak Jimmy Carter was inviting trouble, trouble we would pay for in blood, by his policies of surrender and appeasement. We knew with Reagan’s victory over him the chance for peace was much higher, as allies and potential foes did not dare toy with Ronald Reagan. We were correct. During my four years of active duty I spent a lot of time in the field on maneuvers, but I never fired my weapon at an enemy. And even if I had tried, the guys in Supply can run pretty fast.

I wish I could say I had the same hope of peace for this class of young men and women. I don’t. Joe Biden will embolden our enemies and they will test us. And once again, Joe Biden and his ilk won’t pay the price. They never do.