The election may be over, but the war on the Republican party has just started. Since the electoral college was solidified, the Democrats haven’t been satisfied with taken over Washington, they want to completely destroy the conservative party as a whole. Since the so-called Capitol siege, Big Tech has worked in hand with the Democrats to silence not only the President but any person that agrees with him.

The first two moves by Big Tech were to not only silence a sitting President by banning him from using his Twitter account, but Silicon Valley also started blacklisting popular media sites like Parler. Since its creation, Parler has become a hotbed for conservatives, gaining an impressive following just months after it was launched.

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Fast forward to the siege and now Apple, Amazon, and Google are calling the app out, claiming it was the mastermind behind the events that unfolded at the Capitol. Due to its stance, each company decided to pull Parler from their app stores. Before it was taken offline, Parler was the most downloaded app in the Apple store. Yet according to Big Tech, it was a necessary move to help stop spreading hate and division around America.

It should come as no surprise, but as soon as the app was taken offline, Gab, another social media site designed for conservatives, saw a massive influx of users and downloads. The CEO, Andrew Torba said, “The traffic just keeps growing hang tight, even more servers on the way today. 500,000+ new users today. 18 million visits. You don’t need an account to use the site. The Silicon Valley Exodus has begun. Get in the Ark. The best is yet to come.”

For those unaware, Gab was started back when President Trump took office in 2016. Since then, the social media platform has had a steady following, garnering millions of Republicans around the world. The move for more conservative platforms comes after years of censorship from big tech monopolies like Twitter and Facebook.

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Announcing the massive influx of users, the CEO of Gab was also proud to announce that he has been in touch with the President’s team. He sent a message using the platform saying, “I’m going to be upfront with you: I am in the process of connecting with President Trump’s team as we speak. The President’s Gab account is already reserved with hundreds of thousands of followers. We need to massively expand our server capacity and very quickly.”