It’s funny indeed to watch and listen to the same Democrats who defended the riotous thugs of Antifa and Black Lives Matter all last year now condemn the thugs incited to attack the Capitol last Wednesday by Donald Trump.

It’s also unintentionally hilarious to hear the Democrats praise law enforcement because they saved their sorry hides. This is the same kind of law enforcement who were bloodthirsty racist bullies to the Democrats only weeks ago. But apparently they have redeemed themselves in service to Congress.


Democrats must think we have no memories, as their hypocrisy runs deep and long lived. Also, as unacceptable as the MAGA riot was, it lasted one day and cost several lives. The Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots lasted for the better part of the year, cost many lives, and burned entire swaths of US cities to the ground. For sheer destruction and loss of life the Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs have the Trump thugs beat by a mile.

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But then, mobs are mobs and their thugs are thugs, whatever the ideology. All let the coward commit acts under the cover of group psychosis. All channel the rage of the collective many times into physical destruction and death. All do not think, but progress with the soul and logic of a ravenous beast. They wrought mayhem and tragedy in Paris during their revolution, in our own deep south during Jim Crow, and during the pro-communist DC marches of the Marxists of the anti-Vietnam War movement.

This wasn’t a hard thing to glean. The Left knows it because it is their modus operandi. However, we on the Right are supposed to be rational and cool under pressure. But we didn’t factor in the populist Right under the banner of Donald Trump.

A mirror image of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, reasoned debate is beyond them. They prefer fantasy. After the events of this week some are still peddling social media guarantees of Trump’s upcoming inauguration, martial law, and the arrest of all of Trump’s political opponents. Throw in satanic cannibalism, with a pound of reptilian pedophilia, are there you have current Trump supporter promises to their own. It’s sounds hilarious, as absurdly funny as Democrat hypocrisy on riots. But both are deadly serious and lethal to the touch.